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Part 3 of this series demonstrates how to mine data to grab an FLV video from Youtube. In addition, Adobe Bridge is demonstrated. This tutorial was created by Mike Lively of Northern Kentucky University.

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25 Responses to Data Mining using Wireshark (Part 3 of 3)

  1. joenuevo says:

    These videos are about wireshark, but if you are just interested in downloading a video, you can use a proxy to get the URL’s where the vids come from.

  2. secretd88 says:


  3. ubotstudios11 says:

    :::Attention::: bot698 from ubotstudios com approves of mikenku’s videos. That is all.

  4. gregor826 says:

    when i paste the second link and click go to, it loads for a second and then nothing happens. what can it be wrong??

  5. Silverormen says:

    This doesn´t work anymore? I got a piece of information under the servername that said “x-content- and blabla youtube won´t let me post it-” nosniff

  6. Silverormen says:

    This doesn´t work anymore? I got a message that said “x-content!: nosniff

  7. Silverormen says:

    This doesn´t work anymore? I got a message that said nosniff

  8. Silverormen says:

    This doesn´t work anymore? I got: X-Content: nosniff

  9. katanas1 says:

    youtube downloader >wireshark

  10. The69piez says:

    @iraqiboy90 Go to a starbucks or library and go on that network. You are now sniffing on other comps. You should also look into Cain & Able

  11. iraqiboy90 says:

    Exuse me, but isnt this tortorial is for sniffing your own pc which is allready have the wireshark in it.
    why should we do this?
    the question is how to sniff ANOTHER pc.

  12. HabeKeinMitleid says:

    @19724110032176503208 Called growing a brain and common sense.

  13. dracodraculaz says:


  14. anthonycharlez says:

    Genius!!!! Thank you for beginning my journey!!

  15. mbenoir says:

    hi!!! when u paste the code the what button u push to download the video??what browser did u use to do that?

  16. ggordiep says:

    or you could just check the source code. thanks for the vids mike. i just discovered wireshark and i see it making my life a lot easier next time i have to brute force one of my ex girlfriends myspace pages.

    porn guy: google “download helper” it’s an extension for firefox that will download and convert flv files automatically into whatever format you want. and it works with porn!

  17. ctoon6 says:

    @spooler2 they are not doing it right? maby they don’t clear cache? i use a fresh vm anytime i do stuff like this. but when i don’t at minimum i clear browser and flash cache.

  18. byebyebrain138 says:

    2:34 meeeeeow

  19. spooler2 says:

    Then how do you explain all of the other posters here that share the same problem?

  20. ctoon6 says:

    @spooler2 still works, i do this all the time for YT and a bunch of other sites.

  21. spooler2 says:

    Doesnt work anymore it seems. I analyzed the packets, see the getvideo string but when I put it in the url, nothing happens.

  22. didkei says:

    it doesn’t seem to work anymore – when you go to Analyze->Follow TCP Stream for the “GET /watch” packet (which DOES come out) the source of the video is encrypted and you can’t get the download path

  23. Pvtjamesryan2 says:

    This explains how KeepVid works.

    Very informative. Thank you very much for making this video.

  24. purpleravenstar says:

    Nope, you don’t get in trouble. Wireshark is used to perform network penetration tests.

  25. filipedgb says:

    I’ve done all your other tutorials well, but in this one i have some problem. When i watch some video on youtube i don’t get any packet like that “GET/ watch”

    Can you help me?

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