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Is someone spying on you? This talk will present several low-tech ways that you can detect even high-tech surveillance. Topics covered will include: detectin…

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11 Responses to DEF CON 22 – Am I Being Spied On? – Dr. Philip Polstra

  1. devilmastah says:

    on the cameras, just get a flir if you want nightvision

  2. sherri99516 says:

    Interesting talk about surveillance. DEF CON 22 – Am I Being Spied On? –
    Dr. Philip Polstra. The talk will present several low-tech ways using your
    smart phone to detect even the high-tech surveillance & more. Topics
    covered will include: detecting surveillance cameras with your cell phone,
    signs that you are under physical surveillance, detecting active and
    passive bugs with low cost devices, and detecting devices implanted inside
    computers, tablets, and cell phones.

  3. Seenish420 says:

    i knew about the LED thing from reading Cory Doctorow, wooo Doctorow!

  4. Enteroctopus dofleini says:

    DEF CON 22 – Am I Being Spied On? – Dr. Philip Polstra

  5. xsatquest says:

    The link to the Applebaum presentation at the end is not working. Just
    gives you “This video is not available”.

  6. siprus says:

    Btw if the video you are uploding has web links in it’s slides plz upload
    them in the description! saves lot’s of people lot’s of time trying to look
    up that link!

  7. Philip Polstra says:

    FYI: the best deal at the moment on the book on BeagleBone stuff I
    mentioned is at .
    For some reason they are $5 less than Amazon.

  8. Maoh Leusin says:

    with the dod budget they’d just buy the house next to you :P

  9. Sean Lin says:

    Some cool tips. Like detecting hidden webcams using your smartphone.

  10. harryman11 says:

    much better if you watch it at 2.5x

  11. h82bu223 says:

    Il stick with my no camera no gps no wifi nokia thank you :)

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