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WarKitteh: In my job I have to deliver frequent Information Security briefings to both technical and non-technical professionals. I noticed that as the mater…

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23 Responses to DEF CON 22 – Weaponizing Your Pets – Gene Bransfield

  1. Limor Fried says:

    DEF CON 22 – Weaponizing Your Pets – Gene Bransfield

  2. Philippe Creytens says:

    One of the best presentations I’ve seen for a long time…

  3. Mark Clarke says:

    FTW – Stupid cats and badass dawgs & tech

  4. Frosty says:

    Absolutely fucking brilliant talk, great subject and excellent speaker.
    Hope to see more of this guy.

  5. David Busby says:

    Hacking your pets, and owning your WifI : DEF CON 22 – Weaponizing Your
    Pets – Gene Bransfield

  6. Enteroctopus dofleini says:

    DEF CON 22 – Weaponizing Your Pets – Gene Bransfield

  7. Marko Zavrtanik says:

    Weaponizing Your Pets! 

  8. IPCamLeaks says:

    This is hilarious

  9. Levi Pinder says:

    *DEF CON 22 – Weaponizing Your Pets – Gene Bransfield*

    Probably the best DEFCON presentation I’ve seen, and one of the most

    #WarKitteh #DOSDog 

  10. ThavionHawk says:

    Wow… I showed this to my far from techie girlfriend wow then turned to me
    and demanded I make her Turtle into War Turtle… Any ideas?

  11. 12839712894710aaa says:

    Holy shit, this guy is smooth. He’s like the perfect speaker everyone
    wishes they could be.

  12. computerfis says:

    Could be cool if he had a heartbeat detector on. So he could see when the
    kitty was stressed and stuff, maybe a version 2 😉 . But anyway really cool

  13. spencer portée says:

    Alternative title, “How to make a presentation about something fun.”


  14. Ascdren says:

    googled kitty coat… is safe

  15. computerfis says:

    So entertaining 

  16. irene austin says:

    haha…. I can’t wait to show this to my geek boyfriend!

  17. Matthew Waters says:

    Did they have to do the new speaker drink in the middle of you narrating a
    video? They couldn’t wait 30 seconds? =/

  18. ROOTEDLiFE says:


  19. jfrmilner says:

    Brilliant, very funny


    Awesome! When are we gonna see more videos from DEFCON 22?

  21. Jan Matějka says:

    J/K Devices are ripoff … what a surprise 

  22. Franz Frinz says:

    Oh man… The BEST talk on DEF CON I’ve ever seen on YouTube!!!!

  23. Dalibor Cerar says:

    DEF CON 22 – Weaponizing Your Pets – Gene Bransfield

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