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Speaker: Eric SchmiedlSecurity Researcher Your stack is smash-proof. Your dumpster is fully alarmed. And your firewall is so secure that it has former Soviet…

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3 Responses to DEFCON 16: Advanced Physical Attacks: Going Beyond Social Engineering and Dumpster Diving

  1. PercivalPale says:

    Great talk. Gotta wonder how many feds are in the audience, though.

  2. Jack G says:

    Quite a few. But that’s part of the defcon experience- red team/blue team
    and everything between sharing their knowledge. He’s not sharing anything
    that a professional (like a fed) wouldn’t already be fully aware of. It’s
    great for bringing in new crowds, intriguing the next generation.

  3. Indigo Anon says:

    Maybe my brain works differently than others but this just seems like
    common sense, either way good talk thanks uploader for the video

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