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Speaker: Zoz Having your place broken into and your computer stolen can be a nightmare. Getting revenge on the fucker who has your machine can be a dream come true. I had the opportunity to experience both of these when my machine was stolen in Boston and then showed up in Las Vegas 2 years later. Come share some laughs at a lamer’s expense, participate in the pwnage, and learn some resulting insights into the implications of certain security decisions. For presentations, whitepapers or audio version of the Defcon 18 presentations visit:

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25 Responses to DEFCON 18: Pwned By The Owner: What Happens When You Steal a Hackers Computer 2/2

  1. 131x says:

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  2. Fuzz40 says:

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  3. El1Animal7 says:

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  4. deathrunning says:

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  5. juna2509 says:

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  6. gpfitz11 says:

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  7. maggotinmd2010 says:

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  8. steroidsr4losersucks says:

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  9. hobes9 says:

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  10. Esauv7 says:

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  11. southparkfanatic101 says:

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  12. Domexpo says:

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  13. rz748 says:

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  14. steveo2622 says:

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  15. RTardEntertainment says:

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  16. austin3081 says:

    Wait this computer was stolen in Boston and recovered in las Vegas 2 years later? That’s a long way

  17. theaznskillz336 says:

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  18. ultimateoceans says:

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  19. shakezulla86 says:

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  20. ElPinguinoNegro says:

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  21. justthatmage says:

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  22. moctuzuma says:

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  23. Stealth7500 says:

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  24. Samurai3733 says:


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