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20 Responses to DEFCON 20: Anonymous and the Online Fight

  1. Leak Won says:

    Whooooooooooo! Yeah!

  2. Jerry King says:

    I’ve said it before, why don’t some Anon’s from a bigger country than were
    I’m from get together and create, market and distribute their own masks and
    donate profits to an agreed upon charity.
    Makes much more sense than giving money to a multi national. Then again I’m
    a backwards Aussie who happened to like playing with X-25’s back in the day
    but what do I know :P

  3. Naampie2000 says:

    3:36 Fast moving letters entraining the brain into hypnotic state for

  4. Indolent Sloth says:

    anonymous has done good things dont get me wrong but sometimes they can be
    mislead into attacking the innocent. 

  5. Indigo Anon says:

    Agreed, good work men

  6. runningbull50020 says:

    We are leaders

  7. Indigo Anon says:

    Come for the lulz, Stay for the revolution {just stay away from the pool}

  8. john christopher says:

    no it depends on your influence, and even if you have alot of people
    following you for a raid, you are just an operator not a leader, the idea
    of leadership in Anon is looked down upon since it’s a representation of
    hierarchical systems and order, the very evil we fight against, one head is
    removable one head is corruptible , avoid the one embrace the whole.

  9. steven lindley says:

    We are not leaderless we choose to be our own leaders but we are legion and
    we do not forgive we do not forget join us

  10. edgar diaz says:

    theres alot of carteles over here

  11. edgar diaz says:

    how do i learn to do this stuff

  12. lennyhome says:

    Deep delusions.

  13. john christopher says:

    temporary leaders only, I prefer to call them operators

  14. Ryan Vermillion says:

    Leaderless? Are we not all leaders if we choose to join?

  15. elfinpok says:

    тупая пизда

  16. OfficialDiizyx says:

    Our freedom leads us!

  17. Indigo Anon says:

    13:45 I call bullshit. That is not Commander X 16:00 love it that was
    before the”Daniel” telephony voice took over

  18. Tommy Ip says:

    Anonymous is awesome!

  19. Xavier Nunn says:

    Now go and look at the other side : /watch?v=Jze_yI1sV9M

  20. john christopher says:

    If commander x name is revealed then he is what we call a namefag cancer
    ,he is not anonymous and Anon distances themselves from him, Anon has an
    honored tradition of raiding namefags calling themselves Anonymous. just

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