Too Smart Guys asked:

Pox shows the new badge from Defcon 20 and a quick overview of the conference.

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5 Responses to Defcon 20 Badge

  1. Teknician89 says:

    Haha, someone saw a Goon badge. Scramble!

  2. bpshirase says:

    The IR thing you pointed to was just the receiver. The transmitter is 1
    inch to the right (IR LED)

  3. Steve Westgate says:

    You mean, just gave your DNA sample. lol

  4. Too Smart Guys says:

    Oh, Thanks for pointing that out. I wasn’t really 100% I had just gave

  5. The Zodiac Killers says:

    Cool. Stoked for more new videos. Anon. is n interesting topic. I think
    they are actually working with the government, basically giving them reason
    to create new laws which will squander our online rights and freedoms. Such
    as freedom to say or post anything you want. (with the exception of being
    cruel to people cause thats just mean).

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