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22 Responses to DEFCON 20: Bigger Monster, Weaker Chains: The National Security Agency and the Constitution

  1. SystemzOverload says:

    @CorporateRule you explained really well about america.

    demand demand demand.

  2. CorporateRule says:

    There’s nothing wrong with consuming large quantities of HFCS, GMOs, or any
    measure of artificial food additives. Americans demand sweet, fatty foods,
    they demand soda pop, sugary junk food snacks and candy bars. US
    supermarket conglomerates simply cater to what the US population buys most,
    profit margins dictate US food choices. Health food awareness is a dying
    fad, the mainstay of the American diet is that which dominates every
    supermarket; cheap, starchy sugary drinks and junk foods, whatever is most

    While we don’t go out of our way to consume GMO’s ourselves, but rather opt
    to maintain superior health through pure organic, non-GMO products whenever
    possible, it’s unrealistic for anyone else to do so 100% of the time like
    we do. Our methodologies supporting superior health however, shouldn’t be
    anyone else’s concern, certainly not the average American. While it goes
    without saying that we actively promote mass-consumption of GMO foods, we
    only do so to help generate more profits in the crop science sectors we’re
    most heavily invested.

    No doubt most people are aware that Monsanto is a great company working
    toward a great goal; food sustainability and putting an end to global
    hunger and famine. While many tinfoil hat waring nutjobs might argue the
    facts, we still agree with President Obama that the efforts of ‘conspiracy
    theorists’ won’t undermine Monsanto’s heroic agenda to reengineer and
    eradicate Mother Nature’s agricultural flaws around the world. It’s problem
    with spreading lies is that treasonous propagandists only fuel the unstable
    wackos toward committing acts of homeland terrorism against multinational
    Bioscience corporations, and the reason why anti-GMO talk poses a serious
    risk to our liberty and freedom. Monsanto’s GMO foods are the same
    nutritious foods you know and love, just alot healthier.

    While GMO’s are probably safe enough for sale to mass consumers of the
    general public, ‘Genetically Modified Organisms’ already make up a
    significant portion of average American’s diets, even without our lobbying
    efforts to increase them in foods. Both the FDA, the CDC, and Michelle
    Obama’s ‘Healthy Kids USA’ initiative, endorse GMO’s, even provisioning
    nutritionally adequate GMO-based menus as a mainstay in Public School lunch

    Recent GMO safety studies underwritten by Archer Daniels-Midland (ADM),
    Genetix Inc/AVIVA Biosciences Corp, with additional financing by Cargill
    Inc, and the Rockefeller Global Investment Consortium as ‘Completion
    Grantor’ have concluded that GMO’s are categorically safe for mass human
    consumption. Even though each of these multi-national corporations had
    financial stakes in the ultimate outcome of the study, as chance would have
    it, everyone involved was thrilled by the favorable conclusion that GMO
    crops are safe, ensuring that GMO-based agricultural production remains the
    future of terrestrial farming.

    Without GMO technologies created by Nobel-winning science through
    multinational corporations like Monsanto, which Melinda’s husband Bill
    Gates, formerly of Microsoft, is majority-shareholder, billions of people
    in continents like Africa, could soon face continent-wide food insecurity,
    which leads to crop scarcity, and consequently, mass-starvation and death.
    Monsanto’s patented, FDA-approved GMO crop technology fundamentally ensures
    controlled crop outcomes and more sustainable annual yields, which in turn,
    helps mitigate excessive population growth in any area of the world.

    Through the adoption of key sustainability initiatives exclusively
    implemented by Monsanto in accordance with UN food insecurity mandates,
    global GMO-based farming and agribusiness is fundamentally being
    transformed in ways we cannot not imagine. Through state-sanctioned and
    regulated implementation of managed land use policies, along with Round-Up
    ready GMO terminator seeds provided by Monsanto, governments can finally
    assure precise profit forecasting for banks and commodity traders, and more
    predictable control over farming industries, regardless of regional weather
    or season, wet or dry.

    It’s from these innovations, and many other unprecedented crop-science
    breakthroughs now pending global rollout, that we extend our appreciation
    and applaud both the ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,’ and Monsanto for
    their unwavering pioneering efforts to manage population growth, green
    sustainability and issues relating to famine and disease that burden our
    increasingly-crowded planet. Saving lives and changing the world for the
    better isn’t easy, but it is immensely profitable for organizations like
    ours, positioned at the right time and place, who are ready to reap the
    unlimited financial rewards from global GMO dominance, along with the added
    benefits of helping to dramatically reduce world population.

  3. StopU.Scorruption EMF,EMR says:

    PRISM is only the tip of the iceberg, there are much worse surveillance
    programs people will not mention.

  4. The Polemicist says:

    *William Binney and James Bamford Explain the NSA Monster*


  5. Jim Kavanagh says:

    *William Binney and James Bamford Explain the NSA Monster*


  6. Phillip Jones says:

    Pissed that #Obama is just #Bush again with #NSA and #PRISM? Required
    watching, courtesy #DEFCON.

  7. Tollie Williams says:

    For those willing to endure, here are #NSA whistleblowers (who quit when
    they realized their spying software was turned on Americans) talking at
    DEFCON last year. It’s a program meant for nerds and geeks, but for those
    interested in why I say they have the means and motivation, here are some
    of the details.

    In the coming days, you will hear about PRISM and BLARNEY, where the
    government works hand in hand with large corporations (aka corporatism, aka
    fascism) to cyber-stalk you, but these are mere parts of a broader agenda.

    PRISM and BLARNEY didn’t exist when the government spied on and kept a file
    on anti-war protestors, dissenters, and journalists under the Nixon
    administration, for example.

    These intrusions on your liberty are not new to Presidents Bush or Obama,
    although they have gotten worse.

    #prism #blarney #spying #nsa #fbi #tyranny #obama #bush

  8. Daniel Hatfield says:

    *The NSA: the all-seeing eye turned inward*
    The NSA’s original remit was to enact surveillance on foreign threats to
    the American people; now the American people are being surveilled as the

    A panel moderated by the Deputy Director of the ACLU, Jameel Jaffer. The
    panel members are: William Binney (former official, NSA), James Bamford
    (investigative journalist) and Alex Abdo (Staff attorney, ACLU).

  9. Mett Met says:

    Pissed that #Obama is just #Bush again with #NSA and #PRISM? Required
    watching, courtesy #DEFCON.

  10. Blake Murphy says:

    Pissed that #Obama is just #Bush again with #NSA and #PRISM? Required
    watching, courtesy #DEFCON.

  11. Joel Diplan says:

    Pissed that #Obama is just #Bush again with #NSA and #PRISM? Required
    watching, courtesy #DEFCON.

  12. Dat Moose says:

    Pissed that #Obama is just #Bush again with #NSA and #PRISM? Required
    watching, courtesy #DEFCON.

  13. konman001 says:

    The one question NO ONE is asking is: why did the likes of Google,
    Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Verizon etc. agree with NSA to give away private
    data to US government. NO ONE is attacking these assholes for being willing
    accomplices! Something tells me they didn’t do it for free – they certainly
    took US taxpayer money for the service they provided to NSA.

  14. GrahamBartle says:

    *would* like to welcome

  15. concretefeet says:

    I wonder if this could be a defense to prosecution if I try it. “Honestly
    Your Honor, I can’t have robbed the bank on that date, because I hadn’t yet
    spent any of the money…”

  16. GrahamBartle says:

    As a Canadian; I like to welcome all US citizens to the knowledge that you
    are being watched by the NSA. The trick is to not do anything meaningful
    with your life and they will leave you alone. Viva le Slacker!

  17. lorddcee says:

    Until a terrorist calls you… could be a good troll game for an
    organisation labelled as terrorist: call many people in the us, friend them
    on facebook, etc etc, to make sure they’re getting watched and maybe
    arrested! Put a clusterfuck in the machine I say!

  18. willthefuneverstart says:


  19. addicted2facts says:

    Tru fax though Canada might as well be the fifty-first state

  20. thomas russo says:

    So anything created is subject to the rule of law (international), but not
    anyone whom is a free inhabitant within a state that has established
    borders in the original form of a Constitution of said state which is not
    to be confused with the capital wording of STATE OF_____. The subject
    matter to referance is in Title one of the United States Code and called
    the Organic laws which are in four documents that must be read in detail
    paying close attention to the dates in which they are presented.

  21. DavisonIncorp says:

    Because they were forced to. Yahoo even took it to court to try and stop
    it. Get your facts straight.

  22. GrahamBartle says:

    Dick congratulations: you’ve just made my list.

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