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Speaker: DAN KAMINSKY CHIEF SCIENTIST, DKH If there’s one thing we know, it’s that we’re doing it wrong. Sacred cows make the best hamburgers, so in this yea…

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4 Responses to DEFCON 20: Black Ops

  1. What I learnt today says:

    meh Intel can come out with a “top of the line” random number gen…. I’ll
    skip it. NSA predictable random numbers, may as well have “password” =

  2. Evan Plaice says:

    Wait, Matt Blaze says we can’t model the behavior of PRNGs? Whatever
    happened to statistical analysis on the result over a range of conditions
    (ex different orders of magnitude, etc). Run a Monte Carlo simulation to
    asses the theoretical threshold of randomness then tweak the shuffling
    algorithms to improve the results.

    The algorithm doesn’t have to be predictably random, just predictably

  3. DontAddMeAsAFriend IDontUseThisForAnything says:

    Fantastic presenter. Enlightening presentation.

  4. wizardsbane says:

    Wish he would drink away from the mic. I really don’t want to hear his
    gulps 🙁 Otherwise, brilliant talk and brilliant presenter.

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