Christiaan008 asked:

Speaker: MARCIA HOFMANN SENIOR STAFF ATTORNEY, ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION Can the government force you to turn over your encryption passphrase or decrypt…

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13 Responses to DEFCON 20: Crypto and the Cops: the Law of Key Disclosure and Forced Decryption

  1. Jake TheCanadien says:

    oh hellow, i think people…are high

  2. M Lundgren says:

    Crypto Key and the POlis Man

  3. John Ohno says:

    DEFCON 20: Crypto and the Cops: the Law of Key Disclosure and Forced

  4. Lifechng1946 says:

    Since when did the 5th Amendment stating the RIGHT against self
    incrimination, become merely a “privilege” to be granted or revoked at will?

  5. Luis Andrés Peña Castillo says:

    Thanks Heaven I heard this before entering to work…

  6. matonis says:

    Great job, Marcia!

  7. SolidShellSecurity says:

    Very good video! Go EFF fighting for our freedom and rights!

  8. bizbite2 says:

    First view, first like, first comment. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  9. gurbanliye says:


  10. uxa1 says:

    how do you show the tags? new youtube is shit.

  11. Dave Smith says:

    good talk, though i was surprised there was nothing about plausible

  12. Mistah Meow says:

    Tags: EFF, 5th amendment, stay silent, police, law, juridical child porn
    cases, truecrypt, lawyer, ip lawyers.

  13. Skye Elijah says:

    Fantastic presentation, thanks Marcia Hoffman!

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