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25 Responses to DEFCON 20: DEF CON Comedy Jam V, V for Vendetta

  1. therealnightwriter says:

    Dr. Leonard Coldwell has a %92 cancer cure rate, it’s all on youtube. He
    says that there are over 300 cures for cancer, and laetrile and also baking
    soda shut it down.

  2. thrillscience says:

    One homophobic joke after another. I’m no prude, but you guys were better
    when you were sexist.

  3. Obvious Schism says:


  4. Oh Lawdy says:

    who cares about sexism

  5. EvilNeon says:

    6:10 ooh piece of candy!

  6. Kurt Goedel says:

    O M G ! ^^ and fuck macOS

  7. Dexter Lowe says:

    I was the Dexter that attacked the grapefruit with the sword. Now that was
    fun. Shame you can’t see it, I wanted to show my girlfriend.

  8. MuhammadDerkaDerka says:


  9. Andreas Kristoffersen says:

    that jukebox hack.. pwnd

  10. Belgar says:

    Thumbs this up if you despise jokes about the Colorado shootings

  11. XxInColdBloodxX says:

    did d s. dcddddd çççcçç ç c c vçç dcdçcvcdcdçdcdc CV cvcdccdcccccvccdc
    cddccvxccccdcccçcdcvçcccvçdccccccvcdcdcxcdcxcççcdçdç ccdççç
    cvcxçxcvcdçdcxcxccçxccxxcçdccvccdcdcdcc cccdcdcxcccdcd cçdçxcccçcxdcdc ç
    çccxvccxvcdç cvcxççxçcvçxc çp

  12. OriginalPai says:

    I wish we could have seen the panel =(

  13. Arsalan Naeem says:

    Awesome dude.

  14. Andrew Katz says:

    Fail in my school: school website reports vulnerabilities, web server is
    also active directory and file server

  15. StupidIdiot12345 says:

    Close your ears!!! D:

  16. mystica55121234 says:

    Que sera queue.

  17. freedustin says:

    polka-dot polka-dot polka-dot ASSHOLE!

  18. Mikkel Bach Mortensen says:

    So this is why local radio has started to play Hanson every night?? Was
    wondering what the heck was up with them being popular again.

  19. Ege says:

    such a hacker

  20. Georgi Himchev says:

    The funniest defcon presentation ever ! Thank you for upload

  21. djsnakeyes says:

    Great talk but God damn Dave Maynor is just NOT FUNNY.

  22. seljer says:

    polkadot polkadot afro

  23. CatchMyThrowingKnife says:

    I think this talk was just guys shoving things in there ass.

  24. Belgar says:

    get well soon

  25. leibniz says:

    presentation starts at 6:18

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