Christiaan008 asked:

Speaker: JOSH BRASHARS PENETRATION TESTER, MEMBER DC 949 Payphones. Remember those? They used to be a cornerstone of modern civilation, available at every st…

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3 Responses to DEFCON 20: Exploit Archaeology: Raiders of the Lost Payphones

  1. sapher974 says:

    It’s tiresome when someone can’t talk without swearing every two words

  2. Christiaan008 says:


  3. Mistah Meow says:

    Tags: BOCOT, COCOT, Alcatel payphones, payphones, lock pick, legacy
    hacking, pay phone phreaking, phone phreaking, public phone hack, public
    phone pwnage, remote telemetry, local telemetry, paypwn, asterisk, nmap by
    phone, pwnplug.

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