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Speakers: ELIE BURSZTEIN RESEARCHER, GOOGLE PATRICK SAMY RESEARCH ENGINEER, STANFORD UNIVERSITY Fuzzing online games to find interesting bugs requires a uniq…

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9 Responses to DEFCON 20: Fuzzing Online Games

  1. Pyro GA says:

    lol’d so hard.. inb4 hardware breakpoints are undetected or something
    stupid like that

  2. Sir Hax says:

    And this is coming from someone that uses cheat engine to change game stats
    in Killing Floor.

  3. Hi Bobobobobobobobobobplz says:

    Does anybody want to download kittens.exe?

  4. meathook3000 says:


  5. feretzul says:

    If you cheat at wow blizzard will hire some assassin to kill you.

  6. TheSwanies says:

    If “make you beond broke” is killing, then more then yes 😛

  7. StormClearance says:

    To be fair. You both have a point:

  8. Sasha Wolf says:

    Great presentation. I was originally put off by your accent, but once I
    listened to you for a little, I was able to understand just fine.

  9. says:

    Why do noobs get to talk on these things in the first place? “YOU CANNOT

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