Christiaan008 asked:

Speaker: ATLAS 0F D00M C0RP0RATION Wifi is cool and so is cellular, but the real fun stuff happens below the GHz line. Medical systems, mfg plant/industrial …

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9 Responses to DEFCON 20: ghz or bust: DEF CON

  1. Mistah Meow says:

    tags: wireless, radio frequencies, subghz band, smart appliances hacking,
    hardware hack, rfcat, airwave encapsulation, airwave communication

  2. thraxman says:

    Excellent talk,… thanks for uploading!

  3. semiogeny says:

    Is there a full tutorial on this? 😀

  4. Ciphers Son says:


  5. Christiaan008 says:

    you’re welcome

  6. Christiaan008 says:

    thanks just added the tags 🙂

  7. fritzintn says:

    Thanks for uploading the Defcon 20 talks. This was another ‘meh’ talk. No
    demos or new content…just speaking about various frequencies at encoding
    schemes that you could explore quicker on wikipedia.

  8. Christiaan008 says:


  9. semiogeny says:

    Thanks you but I meant a full tutorial on everything. I understood half of
    the things he said :/

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