Christiaan008 asked:

Speakers: FX LEADER, PHENOELIT GROUP, RECURITY LABS | GREG RECURITY LABS [Redacted] routers are no longer devices only seen in [Redacted]. Entire countries r…

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7 Responses to DEFCON 20: Hacking [Redacted] Routers

  1. Auston Anon says:

    thanks a lot for posting these so quickly!

  2. Akademika Aka says:

    YAY defcon20 videos!

  3. nicos808 says:

    Too bloody funny! Im going next year for shiz

  4. DomeDan says:

    Same talk but the talker in included in the video watch?v=w-K1YpJp07s

  5. bill nye says:

    I was there πŸ˜‰

  6. 1utubemod5Rp3dos1 says:

    regarding manual deciphering, think in terms of when you first heard
    hillbilly or pigin english or rab c nesbit, and so forth. at first you
    can’t understand it at all (unless you have family using it etc), but its
    rules and patterns become clearer as the ear gets accustomed.

  7. Cheng-Yi Chen says:

    θ¬›εˆ°δΈ­εœ‹εšι›»δΏ‘ηΆ²θ·―ζœε‹™ε‰, ε…ˆδΎ†ηœ‹ηœ‹δ»–ε€‘ηš„θ¨­ε‚™η‰Ήθ‰². DEFCON 20: Hacking [Redacted] Routers
    ζœ‰θ†½ζ•’ζŠŠζ΅ι‡ι€δΈŠεŽ»ε—Ž? ο»Ώ

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