Christiaan008 asked:

Speakers: FERGUS NOBLE | COLIN BEIGHLEY GPS receivers are a part of everyday life, you probably own several already and use them everyday, in your phone or i…

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10 Responses to DEFCON 20: Making Sense of Static – New Tools for Hacking GPS

  1. Nondescript says:

    I wonder if some hacker could design a device that takes a YouTube audio
    and filters out all the UMM sounds.

  2. Nondescript says:


  3. Phil Naranjo says:

    Interesting technical talk about how GPS works and why it’s interesting for
    hackers. The presenters are building an embedded high-perf GPS receiver and
    set of libraries designed for UAV and inertial sensing platforms. 

  4. mysteryMachinePL says:

    > NovAtel, not sure about OemStar but here in PL used SuperstarII (b. on
    Zarlink GP4020) cost around 50USD. EGNOS ~1.5m and DGPS ~1m. You can always
    find some cheap source of electronics 😛

  5. Jimmys01 says:

    The only interesting Stuff was on 42:30 … all the previous was GPS wiki..
    When they will complete their GPS receiver that will be good… The talk
    was just lame wiki stuff about GPS.

  6. theycallmeken says:

    Dry and boring! Liven it up next time guys 🙂

  7. mtothem1337 says:

    Good talk, but it’s abit anoying when they are so doubtful of what to say
    next all the time, but i suppose some people have a hard time doing it.

  8. Drake Dragon says:

    i needed this, thanks

  9. Jimmys01 says:

    Also if someone is watching the video drown by the title he probably knows
    GPS shit and does not need a 30 min reminder. The title should be “42 Mins
    of GPS intro and how it Works and some new gps tools and a promising one”

  10. Jimmys01 says:

    not good…

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