Christiaan008 asked:

Speaker: EDDIE LEE SENIOR SECURITY RESEARCHER, BLACKWING INTELLIGENCE Until now, getting into NFC/RFID hacking required enthusiasts to buy special hardware a…

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9 Responses to DEFCON 20: NFC Hacking: The Easy Way

  1. chris clark says:

    Dum And Illigal I Enjoy

  2. Stephanie Woods says:

    DEFCON 20: NFC Hacking: The Easy Way:

  3. John Doh says:

    Wow! Impressive!

  4. Qu0thTheRaven says:

    Clap clap clap for the NFC hacker

  5. urbex2007 says:

    07:18 – I am so glad you correctly referred to Kristen Paget as “she”. Some
    people on other videos have made some terrible comments. The fact is, she
    knows her stuff. Her background doesn’t matter.

  6. MickeMek says:

    Ahh, is that you SAM.. I missed you since I upgraded from Windows XP to
    Windows 7

  7. Haran Thurai says:


  8. Guy Langford-lee says:

  9. cracktight says:

    I have been looking for this build can’t find it.. can someone help…need
    to show this to clients…please thank you

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