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PRIEST MODERATOR Back at DC9 a brave MIB from the CIA received clearance and volunteered to answer any and all DC attendee’s questions with no restrictions a…

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15 Responses to DEFCON 20: Q&A with the Men (and Women) in Black

  1. MrCoyzer says:

    There were nothing but mistruths and hollow statements. You can get more
    detailed info from a Bill Belichick press conference. Keep pissing away my
    tax dollars and telling me it’s none of my business.

  2. NativeInterface says:

    Yeah its interesting that the panel are acting like demoralized criminal
    assholes. Its not funny that they get to play with expensive toys, which i
    assume is payed for with taxpayer money, when poverty and desperation is
    increasing in the country. And its not funny that they get to kill fathers
    and sons in foreign countries. And the UAV program is certainly not funny
    after you’ve seen the pictures of the dead children. The last question they
    got was very valid. How do they regain the trust?

  3. Benjamin Rood says:

    Priest is such a toadie suckup who loves to be part of the club… what a

  4. Garganzuul says:

    It’s so interesting, looking at them looking at the audience and reading
    the sapient body language. But the audience would object to being filmed…
    if they know they are being filmed.

  5. concretefeet says:

    They build trust by sidestepping the question and attempting to ridicule
    and ostracize the asker. They need you to cut your hair because they need
    tallent and hair length has a demonstable corelation with competence. They
    need people with integrity , so wouldn’t it be better if you just lied to
    get your foot in the door instead of hoping they’d sanity-check their
    hiring policy. They know the law is paramount, so the threat of prison must
    be the first rationale for denying corruption.

  6. Mikkel Grum says:

    killers on the loose !

  7. MrBAKUVIP says:

    if something possible, it probably exists.

  8. NativeInterface says:

    There is probably a lot of truth to that. But they, like everyone else,
    should stop confusing their own identity with their agency and government,
    so that they don’t have to be in denial in order to protect their world
    view that they are a part of a working system. Only when they realize their
    own individuality and trust their own judgement can they look objectively
    at their profession and notice the lack of moral justification for its
    horrendous actions in a larger context.

  9. Garganzuul says:

    They have to show their goals are the same as yours, so that you can
    predict their actions. I think they are acting like they are amoral since
    that sort of is the name of the game they play. The longer you stay in the
    game, the less you can be trusted but at the same time you may have
    advanced beyond the need for trust, and accountability. The people who
    killed can no longer trust themselves quite like they used to; a high price
    to pay. This is, hopefully, a bit of glasnost and perestroika.

  10. Mikkel Grum says:

    spot on !

  11. NickXLRG says:

    Someone should have told the priest guy to shut the fuck up

  12. SkavenUK says:

    Punch was pretty much the only one up there that wasn’t talking bullshit

  13. InfosecAnswers says:

    I guess the message got through. Jeff Moss (aka The Dark Tangent, the
    founder of DEFCON) made a post to the DEFCON site yesterday on this very
    issue. Go to the DEFCON check out what it says.

  14. InfosecAnswers says:

    Defcon would be better w.o these scum feeding on and exploiting young

  15. JRL Lint says:

    My time on the DEFCON 20 panel. Should be back for DEFCON 21.

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