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Speaker: PAUL WILSON REAL HUSTLER The Art of the Con. Paul Wilson is the writer and star of “The Real Hustle” and creator of “The Takedown” on Court TV and “…

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25 Responses to DEFCON 20: The Art Of The Con

  1. Adam Bull says:

    He keeps assuring me of all these things, but I’m not so sure I believe

  2. Goofy says:

    How the fuck does that bill validator bypasser work. The output doesn’t
    even look like a bill so how can it give out the same magnetic field then a
    100 dollar bill?

  3. Josef Hostov says:

    “If you think you can’t get conned, we’ll do it for you.” It was how Rifkin
    pulled off the biggest bank heist in history:

  4. trolollin says:

    I said that in a full fat bastard accent

  5. Niflheim123 says:

    and i read The Art of The Coon and it got me thinking about this

  6. huxleypig69 says:

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  7. Arsalan Naeem says:

    This awsome

  8. Spilly Hill says:

    deal… let me know when the payments made and i will tell you the secret

  9. Bob Villa says:

    GAH where do I send this ten bucks?

  10. Mingus Casey says:

    Where do I send the ten bucks…

  11. Marian Gherca says:

    Among the best, along with Adam Savage and others.

  12. Spilly Hill says:


  13. Spilly Hill says:

    in fact yes yes it is

  14. LynxSnowCat says:

    47m – a very good point.

  15. huxleypig69 says:

    Lol, I’ll do it for 50 cents.

  16. brokenstyx says:

    Very good! And i hate that show The Real Hustle, but this is very good

  17. Mingus Casey says:

    Wow. Boxing scam is like reverse Pulp Fiction, Bruce Willis

  18. huxleypig69 says:

    The best defcon speech. Ever?

  19. Lijrobert says:

    Highly under viewed in my opinion

  20. Nightrazr says:

    Ronald Paul Wilson was born in Cyprus and raised in Singapore and Scotland,
    so you’re pretty much spot on.

  21. AsianNinjaGod says:

    The URL isn’t working Q_Q

  22. trolollin says:

    lol,hes irish bro,cant you tell?

  23. CammyB961 says:

    I’m Scottish and he sounds Scottish but trying to put off the Scottish
    accent, is he Scottish?

  24. Indigo Anon says:

    Leet /b/ro

  25. Spilly Hill says:

    for only 1$ on paypal i will tell you how to make a million dollors with no
    effort at all…… feel free to email me at

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