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Christopher Soghoian August 1st–4th, 2013 Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada.

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22 Responses to Defcon 21 – Backdoors, Government Hacking and The Next Crypto Wars

  1. B15763823 says:

    Why is mega not mentioned?

  2. Chris B. says:

    NSA is alleged creator of accelerated speech as a subliminal technique
    (poss. in high bandwidth, which sounds like whispering = easier to mask in
    situ); this indicates intention to surreptitiously influence the public.

  3. Jake Duggan says:

    What about sending encrypted 7Zips? I’ve heard that it doesn’t have a back
    door and it is more easy to use than PGP. Retroshare offers end to end
    encryption which allows for voip, messaging and file sharing. 

  4. Avast Samble says:

    FBI = USA = the problem and troublemakers of this world 

  5. Batkhishig D says:

    They have good tools for us 😀
    Defcon 21 – Backdoors, Government Hacking and The Next Crypto Wars

  6. Trexxit says:

    is it odd when my ISP(suddenlink) manages to send me to their search
    engine, which is shit, if I click a link it redirects me NSA’s site, and
    i’ve only seen it once. but it was a “they fucked up” kinda moment, because
    the URL was NSA’s site but I got a blank white page, and it quickly
    redirected me to the webpage I was going to?

  7. Giorgio Torreggiani says:

    US Gorvernment tageting common people!!

  8. Chris B. says:

    OK, so I suppose cipher /e C:\$Secret_Folder is lame in the face of this?

  9. Darren Kitchen says:

    Great talk leading up to a cornerstone of the next crypto wars… A little
    paragraph in CALEA. 

  10. Beau Stinson says:

    I know this is true because I got shutdown by my ISP with FBI warning for
    torrenting a movie, which it wasn’t even me someone got on my wifi! ;)

  11. Bang Duck says:

    A backdoor system hijacking automated updates of many programs and
    operating systems is a possibility or reality. Seems like easy targeting,
    and oh the government certificate backdoor video is next.

  12. Dick Tracey says:

    i go to pretty great lengths to encrypt pretty much everything i do on my
    pc and phone. Because you dont care about the NSA spying on you because you
    have nothing to hide? Until you do

  13. Chris B says:

    Great talk leading up to a cornerstone of the next crypto wars… A little
    paragraph in CALEA. 

  14. David Guiney says:

    If you thought surveillance wasn’t an issue, think again. 

  15. Kris Gibson says:

    Hmmm Cure for AIDS Google US Patent 5676977Hmmmm Google
    CCR5Delta32-negative genome.

  16. Craig Seargent says:

    Encryption, a fancy word for the protection of ‘your’ or ‘our’ information,
    is altogether vague (incomprehensible, maybe) to the laymen that should
    (could, maybe) view this as the postmaster of physical mail, opening that
    mail, before delivery in the name of national security.

    Make little mistake, brothers and sisters, friends and countrymen…

    If this happened, prior to the internet, people would see the intrusion as
    a serious violation of privacy, but, my dearest of reader, we no longer
    lick and stamp our private information, so the violation, to the many, is
    not as painfully obvious (as a physical mailbox of unsealed letters) as it
    is to us that see it this, or that, way…

  17. Vikalp Malhotra says:

    thank you.

  18. Alexander Jermelle says:

    I love this talk. Been eating these things up… 

  19. Simon Mason says:

    Defcon 21 – Backdoors, Government Hacking and The Next Crypto Wars

  20. InfiniteNo says:

    It’s worth mentioning that several now deceased (murdered) “conspiracy”
    theorist, I call them fearfully informed individuals..Have long known that
    this stuff is happening. I’d say this has been working since sometimes in
    the 90s, at least in an effective sense. On another note he keeps saying
    Law, which is wrong. They are statues. If youre watching this it might be
    worth your time and money to investigate the freeman on the land movement.
    Not that I think theyre absolutely correct just that they have some decent

  21. geoffrey braund says:


  22. Shaker Nayeem says:

    nice speech …………………………….

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