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Josh ‘Monk” Thomas August 1st–4th, 2013 Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada.

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14 Responses to Defcon 21 – BoutiqueKit: Playing WarGames with Expensive Rootkits and Malware

  1. Dan Borges says:

    Holy Android phone hacks, there’s some badass stuff in this presentation!!

    And of course, the code:

  2. ArchimedesWorld says:

    @BlasToise I get annoyed when people chew loudly but seriously can’t you
    firkin compartmentalize that stuff. With all due respect it is super
    shallow. But I won’t hold it against you some people can not filter out
    annoying repetition or anything else because of chemical imbalances, so in
    that case I would forgive you.
    Sorry I’ve heard people complain about swallowing in the middle of a
    quantum mechanics lecture and it was just so minor in comparison to the
    mind shattering reality of the subatomic world.

  3. lucun1010 says:

    So SSDs are pretty much useless if this gets huge..

  4. Sebastian Gonzalez says:

    anyone who has ever picked up a wrench in this generation could have told
    you that it was all going to come down to the hardware.

  5. queazocotal says:

    Major assumption that is utterly broken.
    No modern phones have NAND exposed anymore.
    All phones today use eMMC – which is NAND internally, but you can’t get at
    the raw blocks – it pretends to be a perfect block device.
    This attack only works on raw NAND, not EMMC or SD.
    Unless your phone is running gingerbread or below – it’s not applicable.

  6. Alexander Jermelle says:

    This shit is pretty cool when you can get the gist of what they’re saying
    at… All of this shit is fucking scary.

  7. Zei33 says:

    Damn that’s some serious stuff.

  8. Michael Guzman says:

    bull shit!

  9. Blas Toise says:

    great presentation, but the guy’s swallowing tick started getting annoying
    about 10 minutes in.

  10. Thomas Wilson says:

    I’m actually downloading wargames as i watch this… funny

  11. NedTheDread says:

    Wow, that’s some serious stuff right there! Fuckin awesome presentation.

  12. Indigo Anon says:

    lol officer ricky fat boy pig face lard ass snitch needs some diet coke

  13. Panguins b says:

    Greatest speaker ever.

  14. Marius Luding says:

    Scary stuff…anyone looked at the git yet?

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