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James Snodgrass (PuNk1nPo0p) & Josh Hoover (wishbone) August 1st–4th, 2013 Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada.

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9 Responses to Defcon 21 – BYO-Disaster and Why Corporate Wireless Security Still Sucks

  1. OneCoolDude08 says:

    “I can’t drink”, means “Hi I’m a pussy and won’t drink, but I will gladly
    deepthroat 12 inches”

  2. What I learnt today says:

    For bonus points: Don’t accept any passwords, let them type in every
    password they’ve ever used for any service as they go through their list of
    common ones.

  3. GlitchLXIV says:

    What a little bitch, “oh I don’t drink” Go kill yourself. 

  4. matsnerga says:

    I really love how defcon records and makes available their talks but this
    audio quality is so terrible to listen to. The signal to noise ratio is
    really bad and the sound is right at the feedback level when speaking

  5. Stuart 陶明瀚 says:

    #wifi #insecurity “Thanks #Apple “

  6. Mick the mick says:

    wireless is poor at security – total wipe out… greatly explained.. thanks

  7. Nick Hunter says:

    Good talk, but is there a possible solution to this issue?

  8. Nick Walker says:

    Security networks alarm company sucks

  9. withUonPlanetE says:

    jump to 7:00 to skip the tomfoolery.

    Thanks for uploading. For the record, I thought Apple’s response was
    refreshingly straightforward at 22:09. It was an honest human response
    instead of a corporate answer-dodge, and showed they are aware of the
    extent of the issue.

    Of course, I do believe if they have enough time, they should fix it as
    it’s better to have one hole than two, but if they’re making an informed
    decision that their time is better spent elsewhere, who can argue?

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