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Panel August 1st–4th, 2013 Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada.

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20 Responses to Defcon 21 – DEF CON Comedy Jam Part VI, Return of the Fail

  1. C1sc0M4n says:

    Watched to 4:something…can’t deal with the A.D.D. Theater going
    on…almost 5 min I’ll never fucking get back

  2. Jebediah Kerman says:

    wendy made me feel like i was in kindergarten again… 

  3. Impedancenetwork says:

    I wish those idiots in the back would shut the fuck up!

  4. Mew Wew says:

    What’s with all this gay shit.

  5. Mew Wew says:

    This is what the internet is like. All those random comments.

  6. Brian Barker says:

    Cool stuff, but it’s like a room full of drunk 12-year-olds.

  7. 42/11 Video says:

    It’s funny because 1) he’s parodying post-production price changes in bad
    informercials (“But wait bob, it’s only FOUR payments…”), and 2) no one
    STILL has addressed that gold makes no sense on fiber (they only addressed
    that gold makes no sense on digital cables) and 3) they’re all drunk

  8. Chris Latham says:

    You kind of have to ignore some of the incredibly unfunny individuals in
    this video, but it has a load of pretty hilarious stuff. Highly

  9. robbzooi says:

    2 hours of people begging for money

  10. ohmgane3sha says:

    Cool, but the constant interruptions are really distracting, and not to
    mention, not funny.

  11. Cristian Camarena says:

    As painful as it is to hear the non-funny jokes….there are some cool
    topics and some nuggets of info worthwhile watching it. (ok ok…perhaps
    worthwhile fast forwarding through.)

  12. Senpai Nooberinho says:

    kill that idiot with glasses and black shirt (the one going “hey but what
    **** has to do with gold”….) JUST KILL HIM!!! such idiots are the
    worst…. can’t think of any joke and just goes shitting bs all over…. 

  13. Kiniamaro says:

    1:33:30 ish, the guy fucking told him how annoying he was.

  14. Bolaz says:

    I have never tried so hard to pay attention to something. Nothing worse
    than people that are not funny trying to be funny.

  15. Arsalan Naeem says:

    Always awesome!!!

  16. Mr. OilElf says:

    “You cannot unsee this shit!”

  17. cantfindafkinaccount says:

    it wasent funny :S

  18. slipdiskrecords says:

    ctrl alt print screen

  19. Gavin Hetherington says:

    Revenge of the nerds 5.

  20. Gavin Hetherington says:

    Revenge of the nerds 5.

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