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Panel August 1st–4th, 2013 Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada.

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9 Responses to Defcon 21 – Defense by numbers: Making Problems for Script Kiddies and Scanner Monkeys

  1. ablindgibsongirl says:

    i love watching these presentations. Thank you for uploading. Not a script
    kitty, interested in first principles. Learning linux via Vinux, reading up
    on Unix and other whys and hows of computing. This is the next best thing
    to going. Fully capable of admitting I know nothing. No one gives a shit
    about the geek blind lady any way. Happy to continue nibbling away at the
    bytes and bits of computing that are available to me.

  2. aten747 says:

    I should set my website up to only throw 7xx errors

  3. Enteroctopus dofleini says:

    Defcon 21 – Defense by numbers: Making Problems for Script Kiddies and
    Scanner Monkeys

  4. John Mckay says:

    Awesome :)

  5. BenSherman42 says:

    @4:00 is actually 732 – Fucking Unic(U+1F4A9)de (turd symbol) haha

  6. Xavier G says:

    “how all these brazzers work” -haha 


    42:50 – I want to go to Defcon

  8. Thorium Heavy Industries says:

    Nice talk unless the comment about loadbalancers. Loadbalancer like F5 or
    Cisco can help you a lot with fighting of skriptkiddies and DDoS. And If
    you host websites, you have loadbalancer, at least for redundance.

  9. Chris John says:

    Not sure why this was listed on the Def Con DVD as a panel… I’m big, but
    I’m no panel ;)

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