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Eric Robi & Michael Perklin August 1st–4th, 2013 Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada.

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23 Responses to Defcon 21 – Forensic Fails – Shift + Delete Won’t Help You Here

  1. Jan Lamprecht says:

    The worst presentation in Defcon history. Just bad on all different levels

  2. Илья Найдов says:

    Следы активности…
    BagMRU – это просто жесть какая-то в винде… 🙂

    И вообще, использование компа оставляет очень много следов в разных

  3. Rodney Roberts says:

    I meant defcon as in the music festival, guess I don’t use a computer as
    much as u geek faggots, I have a life.. and would love to spend some of it
    kicking ur face in, not coz u r a faggot, because u r a yankee-doodle,
    waste of time.. although there is a creamy substance falling out ur ass

  4. SirDamned says:

    Which one should I drink from?


  5. phaelin says:

    Soo… You’re looking for a crime as in stealing confidential information.
    You don’t find anything so you rat out the guy for his porn and basically
    ruin his career? That’s just petty. Everyone has porn.

  6. xsatquest says:

    How was it that Edgar got charged in the first place if the only thing he
    did was download porn via P2P ?

    Yes, this might be illegal in Saudi Arabia but i would have thought that
    this would not be illegal in USA ?

  7. Senior Grammar Nazi says:

    Maybe I’m the only person here who disliked the video for this reason,

  8. Gnarles Sagan says:

    I learned a lot, but oh my god these meme spouting nerds, I mean I’m as
    nerdy as the next guy but even I would give these guys some wedgies.

  9. James Ward says:

    If you cut out the annoying people interrupting this video would be 15
    minutes long. 

  10. Monsuco says:

    As vile as pregger fetish porn might be, it’s *still* better than if it had
    actually been Nickelback!

  11. asdfghyter says:

    Defcon – the drinking game

  12. atomgonuclear says:

    Blue book launch schedules. Sounds like this guy was stealing the ole UFO
    launching times. Maybe they assassinated him after. Im jk it could be
    anything, however that is the first thing that I thought of

  13. Esper says:

    best wiping pattern ever.

  14. Sharkonabicycle says:

    Forensic IT audit is amazing. I almost went into it (instead stick to
    financial now, obvious CPA) but still would love to get back into IT. Long
    story short, outside of sinking your hard drive into the bottom of the
    ocean, these guys can find it (within reason).

  15. screwloose455 says:

    I feel bad for the guy on the left, so nervous sounds like he’s gonna die.

  16. jai fer says:

    Did anyone go back to check if he grabbed the right beer?

  17. Russell Barker says:

    Had to pause and create a smoking gun.txt on my desktop for fun!

  18. Hexus13th says:

    Getting guys fired for porn at companies these guys aren’t even contracted
    by. It didn’t even have anything to do with stealing trade secrets, just
    retaliation. Then you get to make fun on him on stage. Good going douche,
    your dreams have come true.

  19. Garry Beaumont says:

    Some people!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Teodor McPaddington says:

    Fedora-wearing, nickleback listening, faggot,Canadian. Why the fuck am I
    still here?

  21. Paul Huckabee says:

    Booze and blunders.

    Defcon 21 – Forensic Fails – Shift + Delete Won’t Help You Here

  22. Peder Thorsø Lauridsen says:

    Seriøs underholdning om hvor mange spor du efterlader dig med en
    computer… !

  23. Call Me Dougan says:

    I know half this shit is based on real cases but i laughed my ass off –
    thanks buddy

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