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Michael Schrenk August 1st–4th, 2013 Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada.

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25 Responses to Defcon 21 – How my Botnet Purchased Millions of Dollars in Cars and Defeated the Russian Hackers

  1. Thomas Anderson says:

    This “lecture” was as interesting for me as watching a “hacker” gloating
    about how he managed to triple the flock of a church. Using technology for
    such primitive ends is as impressive as watching balloons being popped by a
    laser. THIS IS NOT HACKING, this is a lecture on capitalism. And those
    Russians were no hackers. A real hacker has better things to do. I am sick
    and tired of people misusing the word “hacker”.

  2. kirdook says:

    To anyone trying to do this that isn’t 40-50 years old and want to write
    readable and sane code, imacros sounds like such overkill. The python
    library mechanize is what you need. Look up how to spoof a browser it’s 20
    lines of code your can copy paste that works anywhere.

    I could do this guys job, easily. Just goes to show that business is 90%
    who you know.

  3. Merv Thomas says:

    “THE Russian hackers” – Seriously? Is the nationality really important to
    point out? Its like this guy is still in the times of the cold war.

  4. Justin Latendress says:

    im too dumb to know what he is saying

  5. Jared Connell says:

    23:25 if he inserted a button then it would just be an image, you wouldn’t
    know the link. and even if they were all cookie cutter so you could just
    input the vehicle id, for instance, it probably wouldn’t have done anything
    cuz the server wasn’t ready for it and probably would have just thrown an
    error. even if it did ‘kinda’ work it would’ve raised major red flags lol.

    this dude thinks hes all badass but he is so amazed with imacros? ya hella
    1337 lol

  6. screwloose455 says:

    Only a couple minutes in but this guy is so full of himself.

  7. Alexandre Hitchcox says:

    Why use iMacros? For the memory used in one browser running a single bot
    you could literally have hundreds of bots on a simple program making the
    HTTP requests and interpreting the data directly. Silly, I’m not really
    competent in bots, but I feel like this guy isn’t as much as he should be

  8. metalfist54 says:

    “bot net” haha…

  9. thatguy1000001 says:

    “..It was like the gods handing me fire! Here you go Mike, you’ve been a
    good boy!”
    Hahahaha gold

  10. Juan Fran Blanco says:

    Nice talk about botnets

  11. John Doe says:

    Defcon 21 – How my Botnet Purchased Millions of Dollars in Cars and
    Defeated the Russian Hackers 

  12. Cone Head says:

    With the car buy program, how is that even a bot, it’s just an application?

  13. Mark Intoit says:

    He made something that he can’t even own…and he calls himself

  14. maxximuss says:

    this should be a crime

  15. Jordan Rees says:

    18:15? What did he say/

  16. Mark Intoit says:

    Russian Hackers? seriously…what is this Cyber berlin wall

  17. Loïc THOMAS says:

    Haha, this guy sucks.

  18. Daniël Crompton says:

    *My Botnet Purchased Millions of Dollars in Cars and Defeated the Russian

    A friend of mine inspired me to watch old +DEF CON talks, and altoigh I
    though this talk was great I would probably not have shared it, if not for
    the fact that +mike schrenk mentioned a great browser addon that he might
    use to do the same today:



  19. Jake Devoum says:

    “… It involves russian hackers, which is pretty cool…” lol’d so hard.

  20. Steen Schütt says:

    Even AJAX forms are easy to reverse engineer. Also instead of making the
    browser click the button you could just submit the form from the bot
    server. Instead of constantly refreshing I’d just have a script submit the
    form a couple of times per second, and you could even have that running in
    the background.
    Of course, this was a rather new technique 7+ years ago.

  21. Dahkter Opioid says:

    Man, Where do I go to find people that are great at stuff like this??
    Reddit?? :>

  22. Bain Kaboom says:

    Enjoyed this talk. learned a few things, even though they are a bit of
    older legacy hack but still applicable.

  23. SleekMouse says:

    This guy is really cool.

  24. MultiFROBOT says:

    Botnet collection best for beginners + ideo tutorialz included! 😉

  25. Blue says:

    faggot lel

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