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Runa A. Sandvik August 1st–4th, 2013 Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada.

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10 Responses to Defcon 21 – Safety of Tor Network Look at Network Diversity, Relay Operators & Malicious Relays

  1. julian correa says:

    the questions should have been recorded through the mic ..couldnt get some
    of them ..thank you for the talk ..

  2. lennyhome says:

    I don’t trust female creatures and I don’t trust Tor.

  3. Chris DiMaggio says:

    Some interesting stuff about TOR

  4. Canti Salamanca says:

    this girl is cute, id like to go deep inside

  5. wwwCCCMediacom says:

    She just dismissed the value of anonymous exit relays like the entry
    relays. If it is so little value to have an anonymous exit why bother with
    one to enter??? Nonsense. The q&a really exposes some serious issues with
    the integrity of the development.

  6. Jake Harrison says:

    If I took this video alone as evidence of her, I’d put money on her being a

  7. Bj J says:

    This is an admission straight from Tor that it is completely worthless. If
    they run the guard and the exit they know what you are doing. Period end
    of story. 

  8. mercior says:

    Great talk

  9. James G says:

    I cant believe they cut her off in the middle, they should have waited for
    her to introduce them

  10. xe3tec says:

    doors knocked down and computers taken…thats an understatement, they get
    raided by “SWAT”, all devices are taken, they get thrown into custody,
    spend tons of money on legal defense, loose their jobs and have a bad
    reputation (especially if the raid was because of child porn)…nowadays
    its “guilty until proven otherwise” not vice versa

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