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Brendan O’Connor August 1st–4th, 2013 Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada.

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25 Responses to Defcon 21 – Stalking a City for Fun and Frivolity

  1. RonJohn63 says:

    All credibility is *lost* when a “heroic, freedom-loving activists”
    mentions fear of the Government throwing them in Guantanamo.

  2. Jericho Xanderia says:

    black or white… its all a gray zone

  3. AmarrIndustrial says:

    “But Brendan” I was so ready for the fiber optics “joke” at this point.

  4. Leo Arce says:

    so wait. let me get this straight. hackers are good guys trying to show us
    the holes in our software so we can patch it and be aware. ok i’ll buy
    that. so the people in charge of heart bleed stole a bunch of people’s
    information to do nothing with it? that info is safe and no one really
    needed to change their passwords? somehow i doubt it.

  5. psychocrysis2 says:

    Incidentally, weev got out of jail just five days ago, because they
    determined that the new jersey trial was bullshit.

  6. linxus100 says:

    what uh, what if uh…what a person put about 10 of these in time square
    and like…dropped a bluemonster hack to stream the feed to the screens

  7. Joe Pearson says:

    Is there anyway I could develop my knowledge of c# (limited at the moment)
    in the field of computer security so I can understand these virus more and

  8. conrad doodle says:

    So what would be the difference between placing a couple Wifi Pineapples
    with wireshark enabled, and a coupe “F-BOMB” ‘s around?

  9. Avi Romanoff says:

    What an awesome talk. This is what Defcon is all about.

  10. benjo2021 says:

    wow.. great speech from speaker

  11. markus goncalves says:

    i raised my hand, for real.

  12. Aistis Jokubauskas says:

    Wow, likau apšalęs..

  13. David Mcconchie says:

    Defcon 21 – Stalking a City for Fun and Frivolity

  14. Suteerth Vishnu says:

    Does anyone else think this is like Watchdogs(the game)?

  15. DemonicSmokingJacket says:

    this guy is annoying.

  16. JMiskovsky says:

    I like the DEfCon talk even thought I am not Hacker/Programmer/Geek.
    And I have one observation. If you turn your PC on DefCon you gonna have
    bad time. 

  17. Patrick Noble says:

    When he is talking about the wireless routing advertisement, is he talking
    about BGP?

  18. Steve Dougherty says:

    Interesting with a ton of good points. A must watch for anyone interested
    in having any privacy ever. 

  19. Carter Cole says:

    zomg thats tots the structure i was going to propose 18:23

  20. Joseph Sanchez says:

    awesome talk

  21. TribunusLaticlavus says:

    I liked the end of that disclaimer :P

  22. Lewis Roberts says:

    Couldn’t be more relevant after finding the NSA has been reaping all the
    app data taken from apps over collecting.

  23. Head Honcho says:

    I don’t own a TV or a cell phone.

  24. Ian Walker says:

    Oh man he referenced starcraft…
    I definitly dont think he means starcraft 2 either.

  25. Jourdan Robinson says:

    Fascinating and so true. Spread the word – privacy is important!

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