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Richard Thieme August 1st–4th, 2013 Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada.

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9 Responses to Defcon 21 – The Government and UFOs: A Historical Analysis

  1. jamesarongray says:

    7:44 wtf why is this guy talking about movies and irrelevant shit? I want
    UFO talk!

  2. Windkind0 says:

    A interesting thing to consider is, that Nikolai Tesla also thought that
    really precise electromagnetic pulse he observed also thought it hat to be
    the works of an intelligent beeing, just because he couldn’t now about
    Pulsars and how they are working. I am not sure about the UFO Hypothesis,
    but I have a feeling, that their could be other explainations out there.
    What if they only sent them to the moon in a tin can, because that other
    thing they built actually had severe side effects? I mean what the hell do
    we know?
    Americans even considered a nuclear propelled Bomber, that would blow
    uranium directly out into the athmosphere and should stay up for weeks. Or:
    before Hiroshima they considered building a bat bomb, filled with bads that
    had charges around their necks that would be trigered by a timer, so they
    would set the japanes wooden attics on fire. And this is no joke, that
    project got a funding of 1 billion Dollars. In the end it worked out too
    Aliens could be an explaination, but there could be other explainations too.
    “I don’t understand it, it must have been the aliens” is easy to say.
    Nearly as easy as “I want to believe”

  3. What I learnt today says:

    Who knows what happened in WWII, stories from the same battlefield vary,
    wouldn’t rely on testimony from scientists who were locked into their own
    projects…. Potential for ‘foo fighters’ being German… Anything post
    WWII seems like black-intel trolling, joining dodgy UFO groups, writing
    dodgy UFO books, being generally crazy to hide any space/scramb research,
    pretty sure FBI file release said as much.

    “Recovered memory” hypnotists and other scams don’t help create a clearer

  4. Zei33 says:

    Chilling I won’t be sleeping tonight.

  5. anonynaw says:


  6. Jan Man says:

    This is a great talk and I really want to believe the thesis UFO and other
    civilizations are anyhow related, yet I cannot escape the question: why did
    all of the mentioned sightings take place at the time we had so little
    technology to record it in ways that could be publicized by independent
    media? If these sightings still occur, a single video would be more than
    convincing, and if they don’t occur, there is more than a little bit of
    room for doubt.

  7. Mick the mick says:

    loved the talk… my two favorite subjects . in one talk .. anything gov
    and ufo.. keep it up dude.. 

  8. Movses Mikaelyan says:

    people like this person should have unlimited time to speak! come on dudes

  9. Jason Rankin says:

    I thank you Richard, Robert, Steve and the entire host of others that made
    this possible. Your tireless efforts do not go unnoticed.
    Best regards,

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