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Karl Koscher & Eric Butler August 1st–4th, 2013 Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada.

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17 Responses to Defcon 21 – The Secret Life of SIM Cards

  1. Findecanor on Youtube says:

    This is very interesting, but the speakers tend to smack all the time,
    which drives me crazy and I can’t continue listening. I stopped a third in.

  2. salbahis82 says:

    in my country running application in simcard is still a common… 

  3. Darrel Oateast says:

    very interesting talk.. i took notes, Google awaits tomorrow night! 

  4. Insufferable Picks says:

    I feel sorry for that company called isis

  5. Ioannis Kedros says:

    Defcon 21 – The Secret Life of SIM Cards

  6. Resistor Rob says:

    Very awkward transitions between speakers. Obviously they were gay, but
    this was a very interesting presentation and answered a lot of things I
    always wondered about but never researched. To clarify I wondered about SIM
    cards not my sexuality, haha.

  7. Ankush Narula says:

    Jaw dropping – holy crap!

  8. Rod James says:

    These guys are a bunch of fags

  9. imthekingofrs2 says:

    motorola razr the ollllld one with gsm from tmobil with nettools is free
    sim acess—or pay 3k if no piratebay

  10. myboint says:

    Good stuff. Thanks for upload. 

  11. xAxMxWx says:


  12. Cindy Cho says:


  13. ian turner says:

    People like that make congressmen seem like poo flinging chimps, they have
    no idea what true intelligence is…

  14. Anders Fredriksson says:

    So you if you could change the number dialed you could redirect the call to
    switch with a recording device/tap and then redirect to the original number
    dialed? Sounds like a good way to tap phone. But I have no experience with
    this tech so I really don’t know if that would be possible. 

  15. johnycannuk says:

    Memories…I used to do this back in the early 2000…I still have java
    cards and the card readers laying around.

  16. Gregory- The Computer Midwife says:

    Fug guys that’s a lot of work and we’ll prepped

  17. Karolis Sarapnickis says:

    Awesome talk on SIM apps!

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