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Tom Keenan August 1st–4th, 2013 Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada.

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11 Responses to Defcon 21 – Torturing Open Government Systems for Fun, Profit and Time Travel

  1. IaintTheHerb says:

    Contrary to the idiot questioner, voter fraud is quite common and people do
    vote twice. Nice political plug, asswipe.

  2. sqrlmonger says:

    Too bad for the first questioner he was the one spewing BS.

    JJ Rizzo won his race by a single vote after two of his family members (who
    later pleaded guilty in court) committed voter fraud to vote for him. The
    guilty pleas came after his term was over and every last voter for his
    opponent was utterly and completely disenfranchised as a result. While this
    did occur in the primary it was in a district where the winner of that
    party’s primary automatically wins the general election (Isn’t the two
    party system great?!).

    Unfortunately, this topic is ultra-politicized now, and instead of doing
    the smart thing and thinking about how we might achieve both goals (i.e.
    avoid disenfranchising minority voters while requiring Photo ID) people
    like to just dismiss things it out of hand when they go against the
    prescribed talking points.

    Simple things like provisional ballots for those who show up without ID
    (States like Maryland already do this because they require ID for first
    time voters) and offering free IDs (States like Wisconsin already do this)
    to those who meet a hardship requirement (i.e. cannot afford to pay for the

    Instead of spewing party lines people need to think about things a bit
    more, how can we compromise and get things done if nobody is willing to
    even consider the possible ways that we can make it work for everyone?

    Come on people!

    /steps off soapbox

  3. HackersOnBoard says:

    The legend says that they have appeared to here without human intervention

  4. Ryan Leaf says:

    Best quote I’ve heard in a long time, “What is Defcon? It’s basically not
    people who are doing things they shouldn’t do, it’s people doing things
    they shouldn’t be able to do.” Really explains the whole hacker mentality
    quite wel (even outside the scope of security)l.

  5. Status173 says:

    Good talk, very interesting..Pity the A/V guys were a bunch of noobs.

  6. raskec1 says:

    Demit dude it wasnt Slovenia but Slovak. 


    thanks for the talk, I like the idea of data torturing

  8. otakucode says:

    We can guarantee not giving away important info. Analyze data, do
    statistical distributions over each field (and their combinations) that
    might be personally identifiable, and remove every record which, by itself,
    can actually change the statistical distribution. It preserves all
    meaningful statistical attributes of the data while also guaranteeing you
    can never use the info to identify someone.

  9. Steve Ballmer says:

    great speaker!

  10. Gary Cameron says:

    In Alberta, Canada, Real Estate and tax records are somewhat public. It’s
    a matter of knowing how to get them. (One can find out how much your
    neighbor paid for their house if you look hard enough.)

  11. thinkwithportal says:

    Where did you get these videos?

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