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Peiter “Mudge” Zatko August 1st–4th, 2013 Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada.

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22 Responses to Defcon 21 – Unexpected Stories – From a Hacker Who Made It Inside the Government


    this shit was a complete waste of my time

  2. King Geedorah says:

    anonymous is a joke nowadays

  3. TheJunior3600 says:


  4. TheBros2theend says:

    justa thought….without saying its real or its not…atlantis being so far
    advanced by us. and being underwater. and then being found….its under
    water.books being wet for so long is no bueno. tech being wet is no

  5. Mark Intoit says:

    hes a plant…both agent…he all but overtly says it. What an actor
    to…let me pretend to cry…34:11

  6. Daniel Learmouth says:

    Honestly, this is the video that made me understand Julian Assange and his
    work. It also made me understand Barnaby Jack a bit more.
    Even if parts of the video are bull, that doesn’t mean the entirety of it
    is. So…yeah.

  7. Marihuana Hasjish says:

    He definetly sniffs coke

  8. Mike SG says:

    the drone had it coming when it enterd our airspace!
    also we did not steal any technology to bring it down.
    ps. its not bringing it down that terrifies your toy makers its detecting
    the so called stealth….

  9. Izzy Rhome says:

    oh my god when he got choked up :

  10. Ivan Kruss says:

    Wise man!

  11. Tech Reviews and Help says:

    This has to be the best talk I’ve seen. The best part is about 33:40
    (Starts with the dog part)

  12. Claire C says:

    i watched this for a while, but i got this gut feeling he is an actor, or
    just plain full of shit. Dunno. Just not feelin it.
    that whole getting emotional while mentioning ‘aaron’s law’ seemed totally
    staged. 34:11

  13. Charles Miller says:

    wow – dude / a year late – thank you.

  14. turkishxgold says:

    first, this speaker is moving intelligent person whose passion for what he
    did shows a lot about his character. also, his decisions about his
    responsibilities and what his role is within his group makes him a leader.
    speech like this makes hope for among many things, humanity. or at least
    something in that realm. congrats. 

  15. dandymcgee says:

    Fantastic talk. Mudge is the man.

  16. Jared Veilnamel says:

    1 guy is a nigger

  17. aray dues says:

    great guys love it

  18. Derek Real says:

    w00t ub321337

  19. darthspeaks says:

    Challenging your government in a socialist EU country : imprisonment or

  20. Brett Law says:


  21. Lijrobert says:

    Needs more views. Very interesting.

  22. Damian A says:

    Great nation? Yeah just like Rome, we even have our own Nero.

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