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This time on a DEF CON 22 Hak5 Special the team comes to you from Las Vegas where we learn about Police Remote WiFi Stations, Social Engineering in Pen Testi…

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17 Responses to DefCon 22; Municipal Mesh, Social Engineering, Hackers, and Airplane Security Systems, Hak5 1701

  1. cabrita309 says:

    How can I see the “Corporate Espionage – Gathering Actionable Intelligence
    Via Covert Operations” DefCon talk?

    Tried looking around but nothing.

  2. Luis Miguel Lopez says:

    I will love to see you guys making the ice bucket challenge !! 

  3. KrKyoutube says:

    Have mailed, called and even talked face to face with 3 different tv news
    reporters aboat the hacker name is been used wrongly..
    Still it continues :\

  4. Liam Crabbe says:

    You spelled Systems wrong (:

  5. Siddhant Tandon says:

    Darren should do ALS ice bucket challenge

  6. 3amsleep says:

    “People are inherently good hearted and will try to help you”. It’s a shame
    that because of bullshit arguments we have to teach those good people to
    ignore this nature so that everyone can protect their filthy money…

  7. MacroPheliac says:

    Dustin Hoffman got really young and nerdy out of nowhere 0.0

  8. Dylan Coulston says:

    I love Hak5 so much! Got me into modding routers, especially my piratebox!
    Thanks guys.

  9. Maurice McGhee says:

    “Trust your tech lust” is a true saying.

  10. Dan N says:

    70,000 is not small. Where I live, there are only 5,000 people in 36 square
    miles here. The nearest decently sized city next to us has 30,000 in 18
    square miles

  11. Jack Davies says:

    Seeing as Shannon does the SDR stuff, have you guys tried looking into how
    to control an RC Car with one? Just a suggestion.

  12. falloutpictures says:

    I am surprised that no one have talked about ACARS (Aircraft Comm.
    Addressing and Reporting System)?

  13. Brendan Davidson says:

    What is that little.. android device?

  14. Alex Cotton says:

    I wonder how the NSA(and homeland) feel about hackers and airplane security
    being so close together in a title… #redflags

  15. New2Golf says:

    The problem with the open mesh network from the first segment is likely
    because the contract was given to based on some favor rather than any
    measure of competence.

  16. Ugur Sert says:

    I wonder if you can build a strong anuff antenna to hook yourself up to
    free wifi on a air plane or a google balloon?

  17. Ugur Sert says:

    if you just stand right under an airplane that just happen to fly by?
    obviously then the message could be transmitted? and perceived as a
    authentic message?

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