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This time on a DEF CON 22 Hak5 Special the team comes to you from Las Vegas where we learn about War Driving Kitties, Hacking GFCI and SDR Challenges from th…

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16 Responses to DefCon 22; War Kitteh, Wireless Challenge and GFCI Vulnerabilities, Hak5 1626

  1. Jay Mee says:

    would buy a pinapple but you charge way too much for delivery!

  2. Jacob Antoun says:

    “Soldering is fun… for people that hate themselves” 

  3. Janko The Editor says:

    What is the best coding to learn for like hacking stuff? Looking into doing
    some stuff with Security,etc for a job.

  4. Soroush Abtahi says:

    unboxing of wifipinapple would be nice (also showing all the space of the
    bags and pockets ..)

  5. steelbreeze420 says:

    Saw Darren slugging in out on the front lines at Defcon..lol

  6. PhattyMo says:

    Upload the lost footage anyways!

  7. Kamryn B says:


  8. Alex Kantor says:

    If you get a bunch of denial of service dogs and they were distributed,
    would that make one big Ddog?

  9. Jason Gallego says:

    I… wish… they all… could be…. California girls. -951-

  10. nathan ward says:

    Great episode guys!

  11. net28573 says:

    Awesome episode! Very informative. 

  12. chan forthewin says:

    I was at defcon 22 with my dad btw i am 12

  13. HiMike12 says:

    What about ham radio where they use VHF and UHF all the time inside the
    house. What frequencies would damage the plugs for the hair dryer?

  14. vanv101 says:

    Keep up the good work!

  15. Jonathan Harchick says:

    I think this is your best episode yet! Keep up the great work

  16. MultiMegaMaxx says:

    Love these kinds of episodes!

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