dylzr101 asked:

An Anti-Virus program (HeroWare) has set out to eliminate its latest target, the RedMen Virus. Video I made with Flash, enjoy. See exclusive animations and pictures here: dylanartt.deviantart.com

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25 Responses to Desktop Fight- Anti Virus Software

  1. Megadoomable says:

    How do you download videos on YouTube??? But don’t call me a noob I know how to use gamemaker & hack pokemon games!!!

  2. darkpast100 says:

    who is the blue one. anti-virus?

  3. DangerousDave47 says:

    this is as good as animation vs animator

  4. SuperGamedude123 says:


  5. thewertache says:

    like it, nice work, how long did it take?

  6. lordsemXD says:

    I do the tutorial

  7. KingGriff765 says:

    I WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. taimurhamayoun says:

    software name please!

  9. BlueHyungJoon says:

    @Dome1808 I THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HOPE OUR DESKTOP COULD BE LIKE THIS!!!

  10. 0Anubi0 says:

    Antivirus are useless for normal Window$ users. It’s usefull for noobs and pro.

  11. daneboealt says:

    @dylzr101 Can I have a antivirus like this?

  12. demoniccurses9 says:

    @tchchris it actually is if you have a good AV

  13. dylzr101 says:

    @TheKinginall this one actually took around a day to make

  14. TheKinginall says:

    how long does it take to do this??

  15. 903harman says:

    Northon fails.

  16. dylzr101 says:

    @Syvord Haha I know, this video is beginning to show its age.

  17. Syvord says:


  18. tchchris says:

    I wish virus elimination was that easy.

  19. 99Enri says:

    Well that suck

  20. thebiggun23jordan says:

    Pretty sweet dude

  21. snooppen1 says:

    Lol……… Limewire is dead xD

  22. dawgbot44 says:

    I wish that happens when you get a virus.

  23. TechStudiosPC says:

    how did you do that????

  24. schnoegerkai says:

    that’s a piece of shit! i didn’t laugh at all 🙁

  25. opTreadstone says:


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