threesandals asked:

This is a short demo of EnCase I worked up. If you are interested in some of what professional computer forensics software can do then this is for you.

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25 Responses to EnCase Computer Forensics Demo

  1. Uuxaul says:

    @cssbrainDOTcom I disagree sir. I hide all my CP on encrypted virtual machines inside of encrypted file containers, with an AES-Serpant-Twofish algorithm, and keyfiles stored off site.

    I Joke I joke!!!

  2. roboptions says:

    @threesandals you ARE A JACKASS. The disk defrag will copy all parts of the file somewhere on the hard disk and then write it back to the back of the file before it. It jumbles nothing. If after all the files written to the hard disk you have space that hasnt been used or rewritten. That is the stuff encase will find. If you lucky enough that the evidence was in untouched space than you got it but if not the perp gets off.

  3. RoadieRon says:

    @quelorepario whatever…..

  4. quelorepario says:

    @RoadieRon bullcrap.

  5. bishop102 says:

    @threesandals So Could I recover Original Data from a HD that since 2000 has been formatted over15 times?

  6. RoadieRon says:

    @skingbinsane very true. They do have many tools. I work in the security field with the us military, law enforcement and also wit hthose often-3-letter-agencies of the us government. autopsy, photorec, C.A.I.N.E, D.E.F.T, EnCase,FTK, scalpel, and many other tools are used. Getting data is important, but Computer Forensics is also largely *HOW* and *WHY* you got the data, lest it not be admissable in a court of law.

  7. skingbinsane says:

    @RoadieRon Where did I say it was the “only tool used?” I’m not pulling this info out of thin air, I have talked with a director at a RCFL and was given a brief on the lab at the different platforms used and the main software used… They also use FTK by the way… They have pretty much everything to deal with a hardware and software configuration including every imaginable legacy system you can think of.

  8. RoadieRon says:

    @skingbinsane If you believe that is the only tool they use, you are sadly misinformed. Windows lacks certain tools and abilities found in other operating systems and tools under them.

  9. skingbinsane says:

    @RoadieRon lol… EnCase is used in FBI Forensics Labs… Most work is done on Wintel boxes… You’re grossly misinformed.

    BTW, the version in this video is pretty dated so theres that too.

  10. DSetekh says:

    @adityaiswest RAPIDSHARE 😉

  11. adityaiswest says:

    from where did you download and what is the license key!!
    please help!!

  12. gam3kid says:

    @viewervideo011242234 must run as Administrator

  13. mourkos says:

    @rhizophagus well said

  14. RoadieRon says:

    Nice tool, but basic. There are free programs, live CDs out there that are much better – and free. Real security and real forensic work is done with Linux, not Windows.

  15. RoadieRon says:

    Nice tool, but basic. There are free programs, live CDs out there that are much better – and free. Real security and real forensic work is done with Linux, not Windows.

  16. viewervideo011242234 says:

    When I do this for the local drive it says:
    “none of the selected devices are available”

    Can anyone help with this?

  17. FLStudio4512 says:

    Whats the name of that program?

  18. rhizophagus says:

    EnCase and in fact no forensic tools I’ve seen recently cannot counter the anti-forensic tools eg linux tools, encryption and wiping tools (if done correctly.)

    These forensic tools are okay against the user that knows nothing but are useless against the savvy user or even the ordinary user that knows how to google.

  19. mindwarexxx says:

    Actually, it is possible to crack the new encase (v6) – and without the dongle too! Infact, getting past the dongle protection is the easy bit, it’s the FIPS integrity crap thats the pain in the bum.

    Regardless, a commercial copy dosnt cost $10,000, its around $2000.

    I dont think you tried hard enough !

  20. vaantjuh90 says:

    if you have this software could you bring back msn conversations that you never saved to your computer?

  21. cssbrainDOTcom says:

    Nothing can’t be cracked mate, just a question of time and will…

  22. deeblackat says:

    Completely Awesome! Encase rocks!

  23. darkwolf228 says:

    The price of the software doesn’t automatically make it better.

  24. ma1n1m says:

    Hey you cant crack this software…I am an Forensic computing student and u cant crack the new version…My first project was to crack EnCase..I drop that project due to its difficulty…U need the Dongle…costs up to 10000$

  25. ALUMINUM20 says:

    Its a USB dongle and not a cable. It does cost a lot, but it is a seriously powerfull tool.

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