bw2950 asked:

(1) Roguekiller direct link: Rename Roguekiller to _winlogon.com_then save to the desk top and activate and click run, then Under “enter your choice and press enter” press the number 2 key, followed by the enter key. (2) Malwarebytes direct link: (3) How to Disable the Language Bar: (4) fix windows updates: Register the file wuaueng.dll: Click Start, select Run Type: regsvr32 wuaueng.dll Press OK. (5) Windows Firewall: If you are using windows firewall only, and not a third party firewall go to the control panel and click on the firewall icon and make sure that it is inabled. Alternate Roguekiller direct link: Alternate malwarebytes direct link: Update your Antivirus software and do a full scan.

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25 Responses to Fake XP Internet Security 2012 _ Removal Instructions

  1. HA89963 says:

    Thanks man, helped a lot!

  2. AdapTxTerritory says:

    I Subscribe THANKS ALOT MAN BTW Did This Dmage My Computer At All?

  3. n8meade1 says:

    Huh? That IS the tutorial I tried that did nothing.

  4. bw2950 says:

    view this tutorial:
    XP Internet Security 2012 virus removal

  5. n8meade1 says:

    Don’t even bother with this fix. After a 2 hour scan from the malware software and restarting the computer, the XP Internet Security warning popped right back up after about 5 minutes of trying to update my antivirus software. Maybe it works for some, but it was a total waste of time for me. Maybe it would be more useful if the OP would highlight what the specific name of the spyware is so we know if the scan actually finds it?

  6. MoodyJensa says:

    @bw2950 How do i turn on safemode ? :/

  7. benspaunhorst says:

    This seemed to work great! Thanks so much!

  8. 698eer says:

    It worked fine, Thank You

  9. BlackNikNakFlak says:


  10. BlackNikNakFlak says:

    Hope this works I HATE THIS THINH

  11. john12cz says:

    worked fine for me

  12. princess0micky says:

    Thank you it worked well for me when i had the XP internet secuity 2011 i would up spending my computer back to dell and they charged me $60 to remove it. your video helped me get it out of my work computer with out my drowser i cant work. so thanks again

  13. doggiedigger says:

    Thank you for making a video resolving this problem.

  14. bw2950 says:

    Try safemode with networking

  15. EbbanFloww says:

    Yeah it won’t even go to the links thru Run now. I cant even use any internet Im posting from my friends laptop. I had to manually type the address in Run and it still won’t connect. Something is blocking the internet. Well, thanks.

  16. FVBPS says:

    Thank you so much! I hope this works. I’m so happy that it’s not THIS computer that’s infected.

  17. GranitNimanajify says:


  18. bw2950 says:

    try safemode with networking

  19. Sinatra1297 says:

    @bw2950 For some reason it will not download from your links, also I have ESET Smart Security 4 which includes antivirus and antispyware and it has not detected anything

  20. bw2950 says:

    download malwarebytes and do a full scan

  21. Sinatra1297 says:

    I had this problem last night and now it is gone, no popups or anything, should i still go through this process?

  22. kmpaslay2 says:

    THANK YOU! I have very basic computer skills, and you enabled me to get that virus off my computer. EVERYTHING was exactly as you said it would be, and I just followed each step until it was done. Perfect. If I could hug you, I would!

  23. bw2950 says:

    Respond to this video…XP Internet Security 2012 Virus removal

  24. bw2950 says:

    try safemode with networking.
    Also watch the following tutorial:
    XP Internet Security 2012 Virus removal

  25. ChesterFelis says:

    I’m sure this guy’s stuff is probably better, but here is how I got rid of XP Internet Security 2012. No guarantees or liability, and perhaps only for computer geeks. I removed a file called FBU from the msconfig-startup list and from the registry, then file-searched for FBU.exe and deleted 2 files. I have read the file may have other names but is usually located in the “c:\documents and settings\[username]\Application Data” folder. It seems to hide itself in Explorer but not from Search.

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