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Deep Freeze makes computers indestructible and prevents against workstation damage. It does this by ensuring each and every desktop, laptop, and server always remain in the same perfect original operating state. Deep Freeze ensures 100% workstation recovery on every restart and is the only solution that effectively balances workstation security with user productivity. A bulletproof computer is your best defense against unwanted or unwelcome changes.

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12 Responses to Faronics Deep Freeze – Ultimate Anti Virus Protection 2011

  1. UserIsAnFBIAgent says:

    @TeaTarik584 Thanx.

  2. TeaTarik584 says:

    Good description about deep freez ^^

  3. mlauntube says:

    That was so painful to watch: 13:23 just to show that you can delete files and they are protected and restored after reboot. This should have been a 20 second video.

  4. Eric16Gordon says:

    @UserIsAnFBIAgent actuly i had 57 but i took them all down because i got bored with it i had like 1000 subs but im only at like two hundred and something now

  5. UserIsAnFBIAgent says:

    @Eric16Gordon well you sound like a fagget saying that deleting the System32 folder will make a Pc faster, why don’t you go play with your ZERO Uploaded Videos, …

  6. Eric16Gordon says:

    @UserIsAnFBIAgent but legit i was just kidding no need to be a complete faggot….. newfag…. you mad bro?

  7. Eric16Gordon says:

    @UserIsAnFBIAgent difference between you and be is im not a faggot, i am using deep freeze, okokokok….. counter challenge you shoot a blank round out of a gun to your temple and ill shoot from my house and try to hit you and lets see if you die? cause that would make me happy right about now

  8. UserIsAnFBIAgent says:

    @Eric16Gordon yeah… lol, yeah right noob. sure, I’ll delete my System32 Folder. that’s if I can delete the files, even though windows is currently using most of the dll files, and other files, in there, … tell ya what.. why don’t you delete your system32 folder, and I’ll delete my system32 folder, but the difference between me and you, is that I’m running Deep Freeze Enterprise, and your not. wanna try it…?

  9. Eric16Gordon says:

    now delete system 32
    makes your system soooooooo fast

  10. UberCuba says:

    Only problem with deep freeze is that if you do download a virus without knowing, that virus is still on there until you turn your computer off, so they can get any information they want until you turn off your computer, but thats about the only let down.

  11. KingLuto says:

    i guess you catched a cold from deep freeze.

  12. AtomicNerd001 says:

    1st view and comment ftw!

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