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Hak5 goes to the 2013 Defcon 21 in Las Vegas to check out the distributed file system, and communications rings. All that and more this time on Hak5! NFC Rin…

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20 Responses to Fun With NFC At Defcon 21, Hak5 1425.3

  1. 619easyfix says:

    I believe Nmap has undocumented feature for this

  2. Dries007 says:

    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them
    all and in the darkness bind them

  3. Mitchel Dirks says:

    It’s funny how after this video comes out Motorola comes out with the Skip
    for the Moto X. Hope to see this in the future.

  4. 61ackw says:

    fix rackspace url

  5. Mattimeoo says:

    No, no. Thank YOU guys. And daaaaang! Day just got made. Getting replied to
    by Shannon?! I am flattered!

  6. Manji2501 says:

    That is way freaken cool!

  7. Mattimeoo says:

    Best show on Youtube easily. Thanks for making this show, please never
    stop. It’s pretty much the only thing I watch.

  8. victorbart says:

    X marks the spot!

  9. just1fix2004 says:

    the security aspect of the ring is cool but I always think never wear
    something on your body part that’s worth more than that part.

  10. hi9313 says:

    hes no wearing the ring on his pinky because he is a douche bag, but he is
    wearing earrings.

  11. Chuck Anderson says:

    I want ALL of my devices to be completely non-operational until a ring is
    in close proximity.

  12. layol692k7 says:

    dude that ring is cool as hell

  13. MrSysinit says:

    lol ahhhhh I see why you were hesitant to grab that teensy 3.0 iPhone
    enclosure 🙂 you did a double take and i was confused till i saw this lol
    love the show man keep up the good work

  14. shirankao69 says:

    The NFC antennas/ranges/signal strengths in phones still vary too much I
    think. The ring itself seems quite expensive, I’d expect at least a Desfire
    chip at that price. Even if Desfires are too expensive, there are cheaper
    chips that can use different read and read/write keys.

  15. TheErraticTheory says:

    What about water? how easy is it to damage. If I’m doing something where
    I’m grabbing something like a axe or hard metal handle with friction grip
    tape could I damage it?

  16. Shannon Morse says:

    Thank you 🙂 We will keep going!!!

  17. chizukichan says:

    Custom tri-antenna setup with raw data store and post processing. My next
    Raspberry Pi Project.

  18. Tradie Trev says:

    Wow this might the only reason why I’d consider wearing a ring! That and if
    it was non conductive 😉

  19. FUG++ says:

    you always have to know where the G-spot is. 0_o

  20. Paul Tobias says:

    thanks for checking the URL, it should be fixed now.

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