winsevenholic asked:

watch from beginning until end. thanks. leave a comment and rate.

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17 Responses to G Data Internet Security 2012 – Test

  1. Musicarta says:

    Your intro is pretty awesome. Great video too!

  2. kitjai888 says:

    good=] love video song=]

  3. winsevenholic says:

    @nikomanuel1 bit defender? probably will test and upload it in next week.

  4. nikomanuel1 says:

    interesante el resultado..ahora mismo estoy probando el bitdefender 2012 final..i dont have WM now…you can test it?

    PD: Epic music xD

  5. NikolaGB says:

    @winsevenholic lol

    destroy? for what?lol

  6. winsevenholic says:

    @NikolaGB lol
    destroy? for what?

  7. NikolaGB says:

    @winsevenholic lol me too.

  8. winsevenholic says:

    @NikolaGB i dont know what you mean

  9. NikolaGB says:

    I will destroyyy youuuu!!!!

  10. winsevenholic says:

    @warnightify yep, i’m inspired from it.

  11. warnightify says:

    That intro looks Transformer’s intro 🙂

  12. winsevenholic says:

    @BullseyeVidz VM 🙂

  13. winsevenholic says:

    @mooselexus thanks.

  14. winsevenholic says:

    @hahacify LOL
    you not watch my test? watch it, then you will get knowledge about malware 😛

  15. hahacify says:

    dang ur tunes r really EPIC i came to hear the music lol *liked*

  16. mooselexus says:

    Great Intro!

  17. BullseyeVidz says:

    r u using vm or vb?

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