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This video tour of a Google data center highlights the security and data protections that are in place at our data centers.

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25 Responses to Google data center security

  1. butlerphilipj says:

    @ShesLikeHeroin17 … By statistical definition, there’s a much lower chance that a random sample would contain all minorities than any other combination. In the case of all-white vs. all-black, it’s roughly equivalent to a 20/100 chance of all-white vs. a 4/100,000 chance of all-black. It’s not racism, it’s math. Having said that, who the hell cares? They work at Google so they’re obviously pretty damn competent…

  2. lovrenz11 says:

    ..and they still managed to lose 4GB of my emails in split of second 🙁 Any attempt to get them back by calling their help desk support failed…..

  3. Tupcek says:

    have anyone noticed, that this looks kinda like a Black Mesa? Maybe they have some bigger, secret facilities 🙂 And if Black Mesa is owned by Google, I bet my car that Aperture Science is owned by Apple (judging by simplistic, clean design)

  4. Ettoize says:

    lol, you can just turn left at 1:48

  5. bhan87 says:

    @chromatic1976 Yeah… I’m really the one that comes off as the idiot in that comment exchange…

  6. chromatic1976 says:

    @bhan87 google is a money hungry corporation, you suck dick and are retarded. this video is another load of crap. What did you learn from this video? nothing!!! nothing nothing nothing!!! but u are a brainwashed idiot. Google loves you idiots, what technological advances in security technology does this video prove. none, it’s properganda.

  7. koncano says:

    @piftubes yeah where the all work is done..

  8. bstrickler says:


    That’s because at night, nobody will see them coming! Or it’s a job that a trained monkey can do.

  9. bhan87 says:

    @LigerZer077 I assure you I’m not a Google employee. I certainly am a huge Google fan, but that has nothing to do with whether the cloud computing model is secure. Google Apps is FISMA compliant and SAS 70 compliant (both rigorous tests of security). Many large companies already have entrusted Google with their company data after running their own evaluations. Regardless, you don’t have to listen, but I think anyone viewing these comments should get both sides.

  10. LigerZer077 says:

    @bhan87 SO after looking at FISMA i am now thinking that you are either:
    (a) a Google fan boy
    (b) work for Google
    (c) some form of intelligence operative (possibly NIST)
    (d) a complete wanker (all of the above)

  11. chromatic1976 says:

    @bhan87 you fukin nobjob, shut the fuck up

  12. bhan87 says:

    @LigerZer077 Also, do a quick search for FISMA certification, a very rigorous government certification process that evaluates whether a service is fit to protect government data.

  13. bhan87 says:

    @LigerZer077 Cloud computing is actually MORE secure for the majority of small and mid-size companies and for a great share of large companies. Smaller companies don’t have the resources to deploy the security measures Google takes to protect their company data. Physical security, firewalls, anti-virus controls, etc are all very expensive. Since Google specializes in this field, they can provide those service at a much lower cost. Microsoft can mimic this security, a startup can’t.

  14. LigerZer077 says:

    @bhan87 I think that your missing the point of my comment. I see nothing special about the physical security shown in this video. How is it different to any other enterprise network? oh hang…. retinal scanners…. i see now, LOL. At the enterprise level access to Server rooms is always limited to IT staff, at least on every network i have worked on. It comes down to the FACT that cloud computing is NOT and NEVER will be secure. They can try to convince all they want… but it wont work.

  15. bhan87 says:

    @LigerZer077 You’re missing the point of the video. This is to show the level of security Google places on business / school data when potential customers switch to Google Apps. Also, consumer-level services offered by Google are operated differently from Apps for schools / businesses. For instance, all ads and ads-related scanning is stripped away, business data is restricted to only client company IT staff and those who are needed to ensure they stay up (like in the vid)

  16. NineTailsDemonFox says:

    @Vajtosan when was the last time that you heard of someone doing a bench test using Linux?

  17. LigerZer077 says:

    EPIC propaganda fail!!!

    An excerpt from the youtube’s privacy policy…..

    We use cookies, web beacons, and log file information to: (b) provide custom, personalized content and information; (c) monitor the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns; (e) track your entries, submissions, and status in promotions, sweepstakes, and contests.

    Physical security is one thing but answer me this Google…. Who is gonna protect us from you?

  18. annuit02 says:

    Thanks google, now I know exactly all that I need to do to get in and steal date.

  19. jdylanstewart says:

    @Vajtosan their servers run custom Linux, but they can use anything they want to interface with them

  20. nycoshouse says:

    after the crushing process, the remains are sended to a recycling center, looool like ‘Ghana : digital dumping ground’ or like ‘burning the remains and send it in the air we breath’ ?

  21. Boymentation1994 says:

    @Vajtosan He said the server.

  22. Floxit says:

    And Google Create GlaDOS 😉

  23. 9744167215 says:

    @vajtosan may be for just checking the hardware

  24. c0wz says:

    Google, start selling virtual private servers.

  25. 3dbox says:

    if they are destroying disks then why they are overwriting data?

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