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25 Responses to Hacking outside network with METASPLOIT

  1. blacksiddis says:

    @Zedos777 I assure you. All info you have on this girl is made up. Stop hunting.

  2. blacksiddis says:

    @Aman9146 Well msfpayload does the trick. You just need to know the commands 😀

  3. Aman9146 says:

    @blacksiddis Haha actually I was asking the question because I am trying to embed the payload file into another file myself, and I was wondering what program you used for that? Thanks

  4. blacksiddis says:

    @Aman9146 That was half a year ago, I have come a long way since that, thanks for the reply though 😀 Peace

  5. Aman9146 says:

    Is it possible to create the payload.exe file as anything other and a windows execution file? Say an image file of pdf? Thanks

  6. Aman9146 says:

    @blacksiddis What program are you using to embed the payload into the pdf file? Are you using Backtrack?

  7. Zedos777 says:

    there is a girl on FaceBook called “Mary Bell” from Nigeria trying to scam people out of our money!
    her email addresses are and
    she tries to get people to send her money through “WESTEERN UNION” so i googled “western union scam” and this happens all the time in nigeria, the autorities of nigeria will do nothing about it.
    if you dont believe me add her and tell her she is verry sexy and see where that goes!
    regards Z

  8. oledoledoffen12 says:

    Is there someway to do this without sending files and stuff? like doing it completely stealth

  9. r4tdance says:

    The Song is ‘STOP (Blue Mix)’. I was perl,sockets coding,to this a week or more back.

  10. ninjaxOo123456789 says:

    name Of Song Pease 😀

  11. Bouskilab says:

    You roCK

  12. AlexanderVanRooyen says:

    Love this song !!!!

  13. TheWeirdTechGuy says:

    Hey man can you please help me out if you’re still around

  14. DRaider000 says:

  15. HateFilledLies says:

    @MegaMidoZ You don’t windows is a piece of shit when it comes to trying to pentesting

  16. OnyxCode says:

    see OnyxCode …

  17. thecooldude9999 says:

    @MegaMidoZ google “metasploit framework”

  18. MultiFrank777 says:

    ok so i can hack outside my network using a wired pc? do i understand you correctly?? so i dont need wifi to metasploit a foo???

  19. MULTIRAGE456 says:

    nice resolution man
    my backtrack resolution in VM box is not going above 800×600 😐
    any help regarding this ??

  20. MegaMidoZ says:

    how to make this file on windows?

  21. WebBroadcasting says:

    Nice tutorial. Can you give the name of the song?

    Please !

  22. Lilg1412 says:

    hey can u tell me how u got buddylist installed on there pleas message back

  23. Lilg1412 says:

    music pleas

  24. jibi1705 says:

    or jus type ” Run Backtrack 4 Beta in Windows with VmWare Workstation” its the same video by kivi12k n its 10:39minz.

  25. jibi1705 says:

    @jibi1705 i couldnt post link cz it’d gime errorz each tim i tried 2 post. so wht u do is in utube write ” how to install backtrack 4 beta” it is 10:39 length video by kivi12k. your exploits wont work because you need to have wireless adaptor on ur pc. this video will show u hw to use it. plus b4 tht try “iwconfig” can u c ur “e0” n “L0” working?? if thy arent thn its confirm tht u need to hav usb wireless adaptor ;)..i hope this is informative for every 1

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