Technic Dynamic asked:

Hey guys! This time I will be showing you how to setup a Hacking USB Assault Kit, for the computers you encounter in the wild… it happened to me a lot. Som…

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25 Responses to Hacking USB Assault Kit – BackTrack, KonBoot, OPHCrack & more

  1. MrTheKing1212 says:

    does he have a tutorial for the evil file ?

  2. MrTheKing1212 says:

    Too fast for noobs 

  3. Gabriel Pavoski says:

    What about Kali lInux ?, I don´t dind the option.

  4. Tutorialguy500 says:

    You sound like chris angel

  5. Tarun Jaiswal says:

    hey Technic have can you help me
    i want to install kon-boot on pen-drive where pen-drive have 2 partition
    and i want to install on primary partition, usually windows didn’t detect
    primary partition and it only shows secondary partition. And Linux REDHAT &
    BACKTRACK detects pen drive partition but they dont allows installing .exe
    program. So is there any way i can install Kon-Boot on my Pen Drive either
    using wine on BackTrack or any other way ?

  6. James Janecka says:

    Can you add a download link for your Evil folder?

  7. N457Y-_-APE says:

    he said its a rap X3 lmao thanks bro even tho ik bout this and theres a
    new backtrack its backtrack 5 r3 

  8. DrOnEpEaCe says:

    I forgot to thank you in the 1st day when you post the video 😀

  9. D Wallace says:

    I’m not a homosexual but I seriously love you for this bro. I have been
    downloading random USB booting software literally for hours with all kinds
    of add-ons and shit..until i stumbled upon this gem..I love you 0..o (no

  10. Hack The World says:

    i have same laptop and same programs on my desktop, i think i am looking at
    the mirror =)

  11. Technic Dynamic says:

    See comment above & will be up soon =)

  12. Benni franek says:

    thanks bro nice tut !!!!

  13. Isaac Mendoza says:

    WTF I dont know what im doing

  14. Michael Valentine says:

    can your TrueCrypt the flash drive itself for when you boot it?

  15. Rob Kauffman says:

    Hi you show grabbing img files from a directory and dragging them into
    xboot. Where are those files comming from that you are dragging into xboot?

  16. Technic Dynamic says:

    yep I like that it’s really thin.. not too heave and way better than any
    crappy netbook lol

  17. Cristián Torres-Gluck Balmaceda says:

    when i click and drag konboot into xboot it asks me to identify the ISO
    file. furthermore i dont see konboot listed in the available ISO types…
    what type should i make konboot upon dragging it into xboot?

  18. mafbbb says:

    True Story.

  19. Faiz Dinie says:

    what keylogger are you using

  20. Hack The World says:

    Are you sagittarius ???

  21. Technic Dynamic says:

    That would be awesome!!, but I’m not sure if it’s possible yet.. going to
    do some research, if anybody finds out let me know.

  22. ipodking141 says:

    thanks man!

  23. RhinoCable says:

    good vid

  24. Jorge Torres says:

    new intro cool 😛

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