Tek Crush asked:

Forgot your password? Dont want to lose all your files? Fast easy way to bypass any windows operating system log in! No Tools no software. Do so at your own …

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24 Responses to Hacking Windows NO TOOLS (Forgot Your Password?) 2014

  1. Kalign Sacks says:

    >Puts up video on how to hack
    >”Please don’t use this to hack anything”

  2. Dayveon Wright says:

    does this delete the current passcode?

  3. holo51man1 says:

    1 more sub/like/added to watch later list/added to favorites list…

  4. Tek Crush says:

    Have been working on better quality content here are my newer videos: DDoS
    & LOIC ( Taking Down Websites 2014)

  5. Bane Tudajfor says:

    I mean what can I say.


    So very fucking much!

    Favorited, subbed, If you would like I’ll share this to the end of internet
    and back.

    Thank you again.

  6. 1268david says:

    Thanks a lot, it really worked, i had to do it twice but it worked.

  7. boven2000 says:

    i did everything same but when i press 5 times shift its dosent do anything

  8. lawrence d says:

    you saved my ass so much, epic vid, thanks man

  9. Khatic Kill says:

    Setch thing doesn’t work?!!!

  10. David Kim says:

    Does this work for windows 8.1?

  11. REDXBLACK Milan says:

    The second option after you click view problem details it is not displayed
    at my pc. Please help !! 

  12. Mary Hatzimanoli says:

    Dude you are awesome ! After doing this do i have to do smth else like
    goin back to the local disk and rename sethc-1 again?

  13. Baagzy Tesla says:

    Is this hack safe,for my computer?

  14. Trever Moore says:

    Type in what 

  15. Unknown Mask says:

    awsome hacking without any tools ….great video thanks :)

  16. i am DUBSTEP says:

    amazing been looking for this for months thankyou

  17. Shrek luver says:

    bad editing and all u did was copy moddedwarfare’s video exactly..

  18. KutterMan says:

    You saved me 100 bucks from gateway techs smh
    THANK YOU!!!!!

  19. Michael kemp says:

    Puts up video on how to hack. Then states “Please don’t use this to hack


  20. CloudzZz Wehner says:

    Amazing job worked perfectly, hope you get the success to deserve!

  21. Trever Moore says:

    What is star how do u do the thing after u get to the one where after

  22. Will Rich says:

    hi, I can’t ‘view problem details’ after its done all the scanning stuff. I
    cancelled the system restore, then – I just get sent to HP recovery
    manager? any tips, thanks

  23. SyNMeL says:

    Dude, this is great! Thanks for sharing. I hope you can upload more neat
    hacks like this in the future.

  24. Ersen Akçay says:


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