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Following our 2010 Shmoocon special we’re joined in studio by security expert and programmer extraordinaire Robin Wood to talk about his proof of concept botnet command and control tool KreiosC2. We also discuss tools for detecting traditional Man-in-the-Middle attacks. And stay tuned for a special season seven announcement.

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25 Responses to Hak5 – Botnet Command & Control and Man-in-the-Middle.

  1. thomasdoglover says:

    yup i have owned an IRC BotNet plus IRC should not be blocked cause it is a awesome way to comunicate but i botnet IRC Networks IF they give out your IP Address

  2. obiwanfisher537 says:

    @obiwanfisher537 Of course it says it is an virus, because i made it by maรฝself. It is an program for making your pc faster

  3. obiwanfisher537 says:

    cool stuff: ht tp :/ /w ww .megauplo ad.c om /?d= RN B 20A69

  4. Atheist18505 says:

    I can not help the thoughts of wanting to f the s out the female host. Anyways good video.

  5. OneGamblor says:

    Wow I hate this ginger guy, hate isn’t a strong word it is just a true representation of my feelings towards him. Its so hard to take in anything that he says you just switch off.

  6. Pindamann says:

    Matt stopped for personal reasons. Remember they have been doing this for a long time. Not sure what his exact reasons are but a friend thought it might be because of the Revision3 deal. He thought Matt maybe wasnt involved in that choice.

    Also thought his latest items didnt really fit the hacking part of the show. Virtualisation is cool but ive seen most if it by now.

    Anyway, its a shame he left for what reason that might be ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep up the good work

  7. Tecn0geek says:

    Make sure you come to Ireland

  8. odden02 says:

    why isnt matt on the show anymore?

  9. EtyleN says:

    is this the first time they talk about “man in the middle” stuff on their show?

    LAL. like every episode

  10. Zepher50 says:

    Ok thanks. Quite Helpful.

  11. craby987 says:

    Computer Engineering. Electrical Engineering plus Comp Sci if I am correct. Personally I think this would be a better career choice as you get the hardware and software knowledge together.

  12. ragnarok123100 says:

    Lol did she do the Samus taunt from super smash bros? hahahah that was awesome!

  13. IloveTishaPersand says:

    Whats the website behind Darren!!

  14. L3m0n4d3233 says:

    I kinda wanna know what was in the duffel-bag >.>

  15. shehanster says:

    love the new intro

  16. Justineo14 says:

    i gess im going to have to try this out now…
    im running tiny7 right now so i gess ill have to run it in virtualbox also what distro are you using?

  17. djsnakeyes says:

    season 7 is gonna be amazing!

  18. coedshowers says:

    missouri sucks ass i;m in oklahoma and have drove through there a few times its as boring as kansas…
    it sucks having family that is sickly :/

  19. Damocles20D says:

    Yes it does, I use it on the win7 x64
    Name a folder to the following:

  20. Damocles20D says:

    Oh man, sugar == cuteness!
    And the stealing of cookies… brilliant.

    Oh, the rest of the episode was also nice.

  21. TechMansoor says:

    and do more affiliate links laced with creativity…keep expanding and growing sir..you guys are gonna be big!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. TechMansoor says:

    I’d gladly take care of Ms. Shannon..not in that perverse way either..but im talking about taking care of a person who is undoubtedly beautiful and is part geek..omg!!! no better person in the world!!!!!a I’d dedicate a huge part of my life to her happiness..hoping i can find someone exact to the T like her!!!

    In anycase, this show is awesome. I’ll start donating if you guys have a donation site setup. Also your grinding within your passion is everything! Make the show longer if possible

  23. Zepher50 says:

    I’m interested in computers but unfortunatly I don’t know much when it comes to advanced stuff like this. If I were to pursue some sort of college computer degree, what sort of degrees would be best to work toward to learn how to protect computers from things like what was shown in this video?

    Basically what College degrees would help me best protect computers?

    Comp Sci?
    Comp Networking?

    Not all colleges have comp sec degrees so I was wondering what’s the next best thing?

  24. cristianbam says:

    DUDE! AWESOME new intro song !

  25. bonniekwacha says:

    season 7…looking forward to it…

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