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After much request we’ve dedicated an episode to Metasploit. Room362.com’s very own Rob Fuller, aka Mubix, joins us in studio to show us the basics of exploiting and the power of auxiliary modules.

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25 Responses to Hak5 – Metasploit 101 with Mubix

  1. pharoah246 says:

    Jesus…SO many noobs here…I don’t think I can take it much longer…

  2. shalinsfinest says:

    i’d love to blurt all over sharon’s face while she is laying on my imac

  3. russjr08 says:

    When I execute exploit -j -z it says the metrepreter session was opened but I don’t get the prompt 🙁 Help please

  4. petronius1987 says:

    dude, the fucking video fucking qualities suck the SHIT out. I cant figure out the shell commands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. seanieb says:

    @mandrivaal HD Vid can be found at hak5.org/episodes/episode-611

  6. seanieb says:

    The HD Version of this episode is available on hak5.org/episodes/episode-611

  7. ThirdNiN3 says:

    Dose he sed 2002 in 2:03 / 2:04 ??

    I wondreing why this Pepole Just talk about Metaspolit */ they Cant talk about Any
    Thing els

    Hak5Darren >> 273 videos Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk them Man

  8. coldironhands1 says:

    god, snubs is fucking hot!!

  9. xxxRyanxEdgexxx says:

    @Ausanzil Many scientists think that it actually was a mutation, that made the leap to humans by people eating, and killing the monkeys. Not having sex with them. Just a lil fun fact you can break out at parties..

  10. avhackers0 says:

    for all the people moaning about him talking just think some people may be good at typing things out like tutorials programming etc but can be cam shy or just dont like explaining things outloud as they find it hard if you cant listen to him do more googling

  11. Ausanzil says:

    Has it ever occurred that AIDS was not transitioned to people by perverted monkey fuckers? It was a genetic modification that happened naturally (Or it was synthesized??) Anyways, to educate people, AIDS was not given to people because someone fucked a monkey 🙂

  12. specizmodding says:


  13. nickjonnes says:

    shannons a hot bitch

  14. alexmeanberg says:

    @newholborn XD dyslectic.

  15. newholborn says:

    Is this guy dyslectic?

  16. TWILisawesome says:

    Norton can’t stop me now!!!!

  17. Mokanin88 says:

    damn it that guy can’t speak at all! Sounds like a motor boat… if… Bob.. uses… pas-wor-d… pass-word… win-… metaspo-…it…. FUCK!!!!!!! He is so hard to listen!

  18. crippsx says:

    core impact is way better then metasploit anyway

  19. pharoah246 says:

    @crippsx Then you don´t want to learn about Metasploit. PATIENCE is what this is ALL about. Do not expect instant gratification. Go back to editing sources on websites and pretending you can hack. (Pssst, that´s not hacking).

  20. crippsx says:

    i really want to learn about metasploit, but couldnt bare to listen to this fuckin retard and his stuttering.. hes too annoying to even make it through the vid

  21. mandrivaal says:

    Don’t listen to these negative comments Mubix! their just pissed because they cant see the commands on the video, which renders them useless. Anybody can be trained to do this through repetition; however, actually going out and exploring the docs and learning how to utilize the modules of the framework is entirely a different matter. They have no patience for research and lastly, only want instant gratification!
    Great job presenting 101! Kudos! .

  22. sirroobin says:

    Robin Metasploit HaCKeR EgYpT

  23. MasterGamerJK says:

    its called youtube -_-

  24. CQB4Russia says:


  25. hdbuster18 says:

    Useful video! Thanks … Bob 😀

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