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Accidental system dump, no one aborted! Tanks are below the time marker. Specialized Fire & Security/ Fort Lauderdale, FL. www.specialized-fire.com [email protected]

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25 Responses to Halon System Discharge

  1. specializedfire says:

    @normanmj They were trained! That’s just Miami for you!

  2. specializedfire says:

    @lonewolfintj There was a manual purge system installed outside of the room and the gas was quickly purged out into the the atmosphere where it remains

  3. normanmj says:

    Complete lack of training.

  4. lonewolfintj says:

    Not only was the failure to disable the halon system puzzling, but I’m wondering why folks started coming back into the room a few seconds after the halon discharge? Isn’t the room still full of toxic gas? Or were they just holding their breath?

  5. benhjkl says:

    the plywood fell over when the system discharged
    look at 1:36

  6. hyperbaricchicken101 says:

    Wait what exactly is halon made of or do I even want to know?

  7. specializedfire says:

    @jtd321 Ansul 442R (Notifier)

  8. specializedfire says:

    @raymondnitz China and others in their area still sell systems with halon. Some of them end up in the US when we buy CNC machines from them, so if you have any customer with these machines change them over to Fire Trace Novec or CO2

  9. specializedfire says:

    @tatanoski666 It is available to use and for some reason it caught my attention. nice numbers I have a bank account and a business tax id that end in the same numbers as yours. I believe they are lucky numbers, but most would disagree

  10. specializedfire says:

    @dcool96 This was installed and maintained by another company. The largest company in our industry, largest doesn’t always mean the best and this clearly proves it. I just happen to have the video. Thanks for commenting

  11. specializedfire says:

    @Thunderbolt505 it is a fire suppression system that was banned in the early 90’s.

  12. dcool96 says:

    Most old system just like the new ones bell means first alarm hope your company didnt put it in like that.

  13. MKIIProductions says:

    “The idiots on the roof did this!”

  14. terrorobe says:

    @specializedfire Thank you very much!

  15. FACP07 says:

    NICE! Halon system discharge is rarely caught on tape!

  16. DrLectr says:

    expensive error.

  17. hyperbaricchicken101 says:

    Creepy and cool.

  18. MKIIProductions says:

    You can see the Plywood Fall When the Halon Co2 Kicks on. Watch Close. Tanks are in the back of the room by entryway

  19. wwwtotalitaerde says:

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  20. specializedfire says:

    Music from Iceland.
    World Music Expo, they played at churches in Iceland

  21. specializedfire says:

    Sofi, Sofi Barnio- from Mogil
    World Music Expo

  22. terrorobe says:

    @specializedfire What’s the name of the song in this video?

  23. tatanoski666 says:

    ive heard this song before like in various youtube vids wonder why?

  24. raymondnitz says:

    halon is only dangerous if its heated. It is able to damage the ozone layer very well due to its makeup. almost all countrys have stopped the production of it. the only place in north america that can still install halon systems new is the US military. china is the only country that US trades with that still produses it.

  25. jtd321 says:

    What Kind of control panel was it?

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