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Remember to please subscribe. In this video you will learn how to crack WEP security on a wireless broadcasting network. If you have any questions or problems, please PM me and I may help. I understand that this isn’t a completely clear tutorial, I had trouble editing the text and other things because my computer was extremely laggy at the time. Also, I pre-recorded this with voice but I decided to replace the voice with music. Sorry. ~NuBLoR #Downloads CommView for Wifi – Aircrack-NG – —- Since i’m getting a lot of questions about my theme, here it is: To learn how to download & install themes onto your system, go here:

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25 Responses to How To Crack WEP Passphrase (Without Backtrack; Network Security)

  1. BrunoCaseiro14 says:

    what do i write in the final?
    i wrote 1 then what do i do?

  2. lief286 says:


  3. broski90 says:

    can this work for a psp?

  4. lidoxkid says:

    hey this didn’t work for me i did and at the end it says i have to try next 5000ivs

  5. atlanta5321 says:

    one small problem dickhead. ur fkin link to commmview is only for the trial version which gives u only every other packet. this video has now been flagged

  6. Bobmonkeylicks says:

    @ItzAPicKLe Got any links for any themes?

  7. yUnGMoNeY98 says:

    does this work with WPA?

  8. 512A7med says:

    good video 😉

  9. wilson6557890 says:

    Download link for theme?

  10. bigreynoald says:

    i cant install airtrack need help im on windows 7 64bit.
    just need to install.

  11. SeansterrrrHD says:

    @virtualras oh ok so this isnt like a botnet or anything right? wat would i use this for??

  12. ImGeret says:

    Hello sir, I am Jeff Dingleberry.
    Representative of the CIA. May I please ask for you to stop being such a ub3r hacker?

  13. virtualras says:

    @SeansterrrrHD WEP is an internet password, to like, a school or university

  14. SeansterrrrHD says:

    can i ask wat this is? plz lol

  15. durtisyummy says:

    @ItzAPicKLe hey thanks alot subbed btw ;P

  16. unlimitedshotz says:

    plz teach me to be as boss as u lol nice vid

  17. HoRiFyy says:

    Dude this is the best botnet ever !!!!!!!!

  18. zackzouck says:

    nice 😀

  19. ItzAPicKLe says:

    @Previous1Next2 It’s the “Villian” Dubstep Remix of Dev – Bass Down Low ft. Cataracs

  20. ItzAPicKLe says:

    @durtisyummy I changed the theme of my Windows 7.
    If you want to change your theme for Windows 7, PM me.

  21. Previous1Next2 says:

    awesome video of course.. haha.. whats the song?

  22. durtisyummy says:

    thanks for the help dude…btw how did you make the background of your windows black?

  23. daModder100HD says:

    dayUM thnks for the help

  24. Rycamz22 says:

    Love u : ]

  25. ItzAPicKLe says:

    @MrXboxHD Thanks 🙂

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