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Welcome to the NEW video of YouTechS4YouProZ I’ve made a new video, to show you guys a GOOD trusting Anti Virus that is great to use! *Doesn’t slow down PC at anytime *Tracks Trojans as soon as you receive them *Vipre makes sure that the “Viruses doesn’t harm your PC” *PLUS MORE! (Deep Scans, Quick Scans!) Try it out, within a day you’ll love the new Virus Protection! A lot of people will ask for proof, but theirs nothing to proof, because it’s 100% LEGIT Check it out here: Comment on the video, and tell us what you experienced with this. Remember to go here: for any questions, or help. Subscribe Rate & Comment

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25 Responses to How to get the BEST Antivirus Protection [Vipre]

  1. 12300Allan says:

    can just someone comment if this antivirus is better that Avira personal ?
    and one more question is this antivirus need license?

  2. helper245 says:

    Sunbelt VIPRE Antivirus Premium v4.0.4194 with Lifetime Subscription

    Fill the Activation key with the special code: 00000-00000-00000-00000-00000 and press enter.

    A pop-up window box will ask you to enter your registration password

    to generate the registration password: DVd6YdLjyw+/fQ6qomeFSo3N8heyuWWn42iqgQVNzks15Y2juHjwNg==

  3. sharkmand2 says:

    00000-00000-00000-00000-00000 in the Activation Key places, under Help>Register.

    Press okay then another window opens,

    updates will be disabled
    protection will be disabled.
    go to google -type vipre update
    first link should give the option to download the definitions…
    open vipre and click update, it will make you browse for definitions.. and tadah 😀 the works.. im 17 i figured it out so, so can you!

  4. 123ibee says:

    You sound like justin bieber lol im a dude man!

  5. josephga says:

    thanks to avast I had to wipe my hard drive clean. It failed to pick up 2 trojans
    i got the blue screen saying memory dump and would restart the system over. after having a computer tech 6 virus scans and checking for hardware isues i still had the blue screen only thing that resolved it was to completely wipe the harddrive clean and reinstalled windows 7

  6. FredyMzY says:

    this is the same like avast 🙂

  7. Th3QuiCkA says:

    @procast Stfu idiot – Everyone has his own opinion… if no one didnt have opinions, this world will be hell.

  8. MrNoobWarrior says:

    @procast u suck

  9. procast says:

    @MrNoobWarrior u and your panda suck…

  10. MrNoobWarrior says:

    @procast u suck

  11. procast says:

    @MrNoobWarrior you suck then…

  12. MrNoobWarrior says:

    @procast u suck what do u like or think is best? its in my opinion

  13. procast says:

    @MrNoobWarrior you suck then….

  14. MrNoobWarrior says:

    @arminkosten nope i recommend panda because i have tried every antivirus internet security etc and panda is best

  15. YouTechS4YouProZ says:

    @av3nger3 – Yep! 🙂

  16. norad678 says:

    @TheUndertakerSaysRll – Just do a different email, and a new serial code. Simple..

  17. albaniandy says:

    yeah and make fake e-mails ( i have 5 fake emails for sofwares:)

  18. albaniandy says:

    the best anti-virus protection and don’t slow down your PC (i use VIPRE anti-virus premium)

  19. av3nger3 says:

    The next Billy Mays.

  20. a2kizzy says:

    @TheUndertakerSaysRIP its 30 day free trial.but all u have to do is make fake emails lol

  21. TheUndertakerSaysRIP says:

    this is a trial download….. useless

  22. randomez531 says:

    are u only allowed to use it for the 30 day trial ?

  23. arminkosten says:

    IS IT GOOD?! 🙁

  24. adil10fotboll says:

    I like it

  25. Syberpro says:

    Nice vid man

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