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A live demostration how to hack a remote system using Metasploit

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25 Responses to How to hack a remote system using Metasploit

  1. hitec1691 says:

    @hitec1691 i think i get it now i cant scan other IPs bcoz i hav home feed version of nessus so i cant scan apart from networked PCs.

  2. softgens says:

    @hitec1691 Fortunately it’s possible if the the PC is patched and the firewall effective. If you want to find a vulnerability there is a new video: ‘exploitsearch net: Exploit / Vulnerability (meta) Search Engine’ . You should see also the video “How to hack a remote system using Metasploit and Armitage – Update”.

  3. hitec1691 says:

    @softgens thx for replying . I made a virtual win xp machine scanned it for vulnerabilities and successfully hacked it.But when i tried using nessus to scan my friends PC who was online and i told him i m gonna scan his PC but it didnt work? no scan reports? i used zenmap and it showed that host is up but it doesnt show vulnerabilities which i can then exploit using metasploit

  4. softgens says:

    @hitec1691 You should use: nmap, nessus, openvas or shodanhq com (video ‘Shodan: a search engine for hackers’) or use a search engine like exploitsearch net (video ‘exploitsearch net: Exploit Vulnerability (meta) Search Engine’). Local or remote doesn’t matter.

  5. hitec1691 says:

    is there anyway to scan for exploits on random IPs ? the systems that arent connected to u remotely or by network ?

  6. hagaidar says:

    When I’m trying to run the command ‘ /etc/init.d/mysql start It’s say:Rather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8
    utility, e.g. service mysql start

    Since the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an
    Upstart job, you may also use the start(8) utility, e.g. start mysql
    mysql start/running, process 1755
    ?Do you know why

  7. softgens says:

    @hagaidar Hi. First you should see the video “How to hack a remote system using Metasploit and Armitage – Update “. That is on BT4 R2. On BT5 go to Applications/Backtrack/Exploitation tools/Network exploitation tools/Metasploit Framework

  8. hagaidar says:

    Where do I found this program in BT5?

  9. iamawoken1 says:

    @softgens thank you for the great advice and tutorials.

  10. softgens says:

    @iamawoken1 Hi. You should see the video “How to hack a remote system using Metasploit and Armitage – Update” . You can take control of: file system, web cam, keyboard etc.

  11. iamawoken1 says:

    How would you copy files from the computer that you got into to your computer from DOS?

  12. softgens says:

    No. What matter is which port in the firewall is open. First you have to use a program like nmap.

  13. therock343 says:

    @softgens Not really. You have to get past NAT with a remote system with a different external IP. This only works if your hacking someone who is on the same network as you are. For example in your house, a hotel or airport.

  14. softgens says:

    @therock343 No. It works in the same LAN or on a remote system: it doesn’t matter.

  15. therock343 says:

    This hack is for a system in your LAN, not a remote system…..

  16. Spyez says:

    Lol, “you can have systems with service pack 4 installed.” *

  17. Zedos777 says:

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  18. netcip says:

    Ya` man, ya`, Uat the, Uaaaiii. Les Gau! Uat is da parpas? Man you have a language… :)) I like it.

  19. masterofgansta says:

    @softgens yea thx i figured it out… Using a VmWare distro I downloaded from the website, thanks! And also did you hack the system you were on in the armitage video, or did you hack a different system on your network. It looked like the vm was running on the system you were hacking 🙂

  20. softgens says:

    @masterofgansta A Linux security distribution.You can download from backtrack-linux org.

  21. softgens says:

    @masterofgansta a VM

  22. masterofgansta says:

    wait… you run backtrack within a vm or do you actually install it?

  23. masterofgansta says:

    Hey, what type of Linux is that?

  24. softgens says:

    @jaradgrant1 … also called milw0rm …. but better the latest release BackTrack 4 R2. Bye

  25. jaradgrant1 says:

    am using “bactrack 4 final” and i dosen’t have the milworm feature, how do i get.
    please reply

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